If your shaver is missing the sharpness for a smooth, clean-cut, you should consider replacing it with another shaver blade. Philips, the Dutch-based company, has several products in the market, and the one which is highly popular and recommendable is the Philips Norelco replacement head SH50. The company was established in the late 19th century. It created the first razor in 1939, which was shaped like a cigar made up of bronze cutters. The blades rapidly became blunt, therefore, additional cutters were necessary.

If you have never bought a replacement head before or want to know more about shaver head that is compatible with variety of devices, then you might want to know more about the Philips norelco replacement heads SH50 review. These replacement heads are designed specifically to serve the purpose of providing the smoothest and cleanest shaving experience to the buyer. Any of the trimming machines would require a replacement of its shaver head after a continuous use for a particular time.

The shaver head is equipment which will prove to be compatible for long run, with required maintenance. Within a period of two year the SH50 shaver head will trim about 9 million facial hairs. A replacement after every one year is required to regain 100% performance of the product.

Philips Norelco Replacement Heads SH50 Review-10TechPro

About Philips Razor Blade

The spares of the razor should be cleaned every few months to ensure that the cutter is working smoothly, the recommended replacement should be done every 18 months. There are different shaver blades for various models, therefore, we can conclude that every shaver is not easily interchangeable. 

Philips Norelco Replacement Heads SH50 Review-10TechPro


The replacement head should be cleaned and lubricated with the HQ110/02 shaver head cleaning spray because it ensures an excellent performance of the trimmer in return. By sprinkling the spray a fresh scent will remain over the trimmer for a long time so that you can enjoy a fresh and perfect shave. The shaving spray contains components of alcohol for a soothing after effect shave.

Types of Razor Blades

  • 5000 series shaver blades.          
  • 7000 series shaver blades.
  • 8000 series shaver blades.
  • HQ series shaver blades.

Descriptions of Phillips Razor Blades

There are many companies out in the market selling Phillips razor blades both online and offline. If you are looking for main cable, rotary shaving leads, or shaver blades, and as long as it is of the Philips brand, you can surely trust the quality.

The multi-purpose shaver blades, which gives a smooth and precise cut shaving performance, needs to be replaced once every year. The SH50 head is a replacement blade for Philips Norelco Series 5000. Earlier the shaver blades used to pull hairs and didn’t give a proper cut, but the new Norelco heads are high. The SH50 contains three replacement heads. Replacing the blade is easy and takes lesser time than compared to other modules. The screencap is made up of lightweight metal, making the product thin and more responsive to the contours of one’s face.

Although the cost of SH50 head blades is higher than the HQ8’s, they fit in more tightly than any other due to its plastic housing. The edges rise and cut both long and short hair smoothly with a super-fast shave: the super lift and cut action help lift the nose for a comfortable cut. Do not replace the shaver blades until and unless the machine indicates you to do so. If your trimmer does not have an indicator, then the replacement should be done after 12 months of consistent use. For cleaning the blades, use the HQ110 spray. The newly designed shaver blade gives the head an attractive look, and it takes lesser time to get a perfect shave. The blades fit easily on various models making it highly preferable for active users. 

Philips Norelco Replacement Heads SH50 Review-10TechPro
  • Heads are easy to replace.
  • Suitable for the long run if taken care of properly.
  • Fits in with other compatible shaver heads.
  • It gives a nice and smooth shave.
  • Portable and best suited for trimming.
  • Highly expensive.
  • Blades are not compatible with every device.
  • Do not shave precisely like the original blades.

Features of Philips Norelco Heads SH50

1. Multi-functional blades. 

It gives a perfect shave very quickly. The multi-functional modules raise and then cut both long and short hairs rapidly. The blades are required to be changed every year for consistency. The performance of the trimmer will not deteriorate if you keep changing the shaver heads periodically.

2. Quick replacement. 

Firstly, open the shaver by pressing the release button, followed by the removal of rings. Take out the old shaving heads carefully and then insert the replacement with soft hands. After insertion, put the rings back and turn the lock clockwise. A faint sound will be heard after successful replacement. The method of replacement is very easy and hassle free.

3. Super lift and cut feature. 

The dual blade super lifts and cut feature will enable you to trim your beard comfortably. At first, the edge will raise each hair, and then the second blade will shave it off smoothly reducing the probability of getting a cut over your facial skin.

4. Resetting the shaver. 

After the insertion of the shaver head is done successfully, you can reset your machine by simply pressing the on and off button for at least 7 seconds. If forgotten, the trimmer will turn off automatically after 7 to 8 shaves.

5. Reminder for replacement.

The inbuilt replacement reminder is present in every latest Philips shaver in the form of a symbol. When there will be an urge to replace the shaver heads, the indicator will light up and indicate you to replace your shaver head. Not all trimmers come with the indication feature. Therefore, it is recommended to replace the shaver heads after every 12 months

6. Works well with series 5000 and 6000. 

The SH50 works perfectly with shaver series 5000, shaver series 6000, and PowerTouch. 

Philips Norelco Heads SH50 Buying Guide

At A Glance

  • For a long-lasting shaving performance, it is recommended to replace the shaving blades every 12 months.
  • The blades raise and make the cutting of long and short hair easy.
  • The replacement of the blades is more comfortable and more quickly.
  • The replacement of shaving heads can just be done in a few steps
  • For best performance, clean the blades from both inside and outside.
  • Always reset your shaving heads after fitting in a new blade.
  • Uses the HQ110 to clean the shaver blades.

How To Replace SH50 Shaver Blades

  1. By pressing the ‘release’ button, open the shaver.
  2. Remove the rings present from before by turning it counterclockwise.
  3. Please take the old shaving heads from within and place the new blades with full care by aligning them precisely in the setting.
  4. The retaining rings will then be replaced by turning the lock clockwise.
  5. A soft click will be heard after closing the shaving head properly, indicating that the blades are successfully placed.

The products that SH50 head fits in

  • Shaver series 5000.
  • AquaTouch.
  • PowerTouch.
  • Shaver series 6000.

Cleaning and maintenance

The cleansing of high power shaver blades is quite easy and simple. There is no difficulty in getting the hair out of the tray because it all flows down automatically and if not; the brush provided by the trim machine will do the trick. However, the shaver blades should be cleaned by the HQ110 spray. The shaver blades are recommended to be replaced after every 12 months for a long lasting smooth performance.

Value for money

If you are looking for a perfect replacement heads then opt for the Philips replacement Norelco SH50 heads which can be bought online from the official Amazon website. The shaver heads are proving to serve its best for both thick and thin haired audience. They can be used on various machines such as Aqua touch, PowerTouch, Shaver series 3000, Shaver series 5000 and shaver series 6000 machines. The shaver head comes with a lot of benefit and costs $34.95, the pricing might be a bit expensive but the product serves best doing its job without any difficulty.

Our verdict

Like all the other blades, Philips shaver blades will become blunt day by day, resulting in increased hair fussing and pulling with degradation in the cutting performance. It becomes essential to replace the blades frequently. It is recommended to replace the blades once every 12 months.

The replacement may vary with the amount of usage and the type of hair one has. If you have very thick strands, then use the SH50 head shaver blades frequently. The replacement blade needs to be cleaned regularly in the long run.

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