This newly designed replacement SH90 head is a must-have for men who are always on the go and want a clean shave before starting the day. With its updated design on V-track blades, it has a perfect precision of collecting hair in the best position of cutting which gives the best shave results. If you are planning on getting a new set of a razor, you should decide first on its replacement heads and its ups and downs. You must check the brand, the replacement head’s quality, and its performance.

In this article, you will know more about Philips Norelco replacement heads SH90. Here, we will also answer your most commonly asked questions and we will also discuss both the pros and cons of Philips Norelco heads SH90.

Philips Norelco Replacement Heads SH90 Review-10TechPro

SH90 Replacement Head Features

V-track precision blades: SH90 replacement heads have its V-track blades which are positioned in an angle that offers utmost comfort in trimming and cutting any types of hair. The V-track blades give the flexible positions of blades that make them perfect for cutting and trimming hair on your face and neck. These precision blades also make the trimming and cutting perfection. It leaves no spot and runs smoothly on your skin.

Skin-sensitive blades: This head has blades that are skin-sensitive. This means you can enjoy worry-free shaving sessions without worrying about having skin irritation after use. If you are one of those who worry about itchiness on the skin after the trimming and cutting of facial hair, you do not need to worry about that with SH90. It is safe for all types of skin, especially the most sensitive ones. Its skin guards are placed around the blades, making the cutting and trimming very safe for the surface of your skin. This is also ideal for the first time in the trimming and cutting of facial hair.

Contour detect technology: This is a key feature in Philips Norelco SH90 replacement heads that showcases its eight-directional reflexes. This is made available to adjust to the contours of your face and your neck. If your face has varied shapes and edges that are used to be difficult for your former blades, with SH90, these shapes and edges are easily accessible by the blades.

Philips Norelco Replacement Heads SH90 Review-10TechPro

Pros of Philips Norelco Replacement Heads SH90

  • Extremely quiet. One of the best things about Phillips Norelco replacement heads SH90 is its ultrasonic quiet sound. This is best if you want to shave early morning without the fuss of waking up your entire household. This is perfect for fathers who do not want to wake their kids up while shaving early in the morning or late at night.
  • As light as a feather. There have been a lot of complaints about some unnecessary bulk and uneasy touch that their heads make once it touches the face. But SH90 replacement heads give you a lightweight feel. Others also feel like their shaver’s heads give uneasy feeling when they touch their faces. Well, say goodbye to your bulky and hefty replacement heads because SH90 feels like a feather once it touches your skin.
  • Smooth-After shaves effect. With SH90, you are guaranteed with smooth after-effect. No need to worry about the rough edges because SH90 heads are remarkably made for your rough-free facial feels. The blades have skin guards that allow non-direct contact between the blades and the skin. This gives the smooth feeling after you trim and cut your facial hair. You can add up your shaving cream to finish things up and that could be your perfect morning shaving routine!
  • Low maintenance. SH90 heads can be replaced at least once a year to reach its maximum performance. There is no need for you to replace the heads after every few months because SH90 gives you top performance for as long as a year or two. However, depending on the frequency of use, your SH90 heads may either be replaced earlier or later than their schedule. Nevertheless, your SH90 heads give you the best results if they are in perfect condition. With SH90, you no longer need to replace your heads every once in a while. That could save you heaps of money.

Cons of Philips Norelco Replacement Heads SH90

  • Costly. One of its downfalls is its price. With its top performance, it could be robbing you off a couple of dollars in your pocket. But take note that each dollar is worth the price. If you have a limited budget, original SH90 replacement heads could be a problem for you since it could be very pricey. But you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the expensive original SH90 head from Phillips itself, where you can find durable and cheap alternatives.
  • Lacks head guard. One that poses a danger is the replacement head’s lack of head guard. Its blades could be harmful, especially when laid around with kids. It is, therefore, safe to say that it should be kept far away from children and, even, pets.
  • The replacement may be earlier than scheduled. There are some issues with some SH90 heads which may require replacement earlier than its schedule. If you are thinking that it can be replaced in a year or two, think again because it may be scheduled earlier than that. This could mean added expense on your end.

FAQs When Buying Philips Norelco Replacement Heads SH90

In this part of the article, you will know the most commonly asked questions and their answers. You must get acquainted with the customers’ common questions so that you get to preempt the product’s quality and service.

1. How often do SH90 heads be replaced?

SH90 is a great tool for shaving. After 2 to 3 years of using the heads, they may have had enough and may no longer shave anymore like it was when they were when you first used them. However, there may be instances wherein the replacement would mean earlier than its scheduled day. So, it would be wise to prepare a spare for emergency purposes.

2. How do I know if it is already time to replace my SH90 heads?

Philips Norelco heads can be replaced, depending on its replacement schedule that is made available because of its built-in replacement reminder. This comes in the form of a symbol that lights up when it needs to be replaced. This is usually after two years of use. However, depending on the gravity and frequency of usage, the replacement schedule may come in earlier or later.

3. How do I replace my Philips Norelco SH90 heads?

The replacement process is very easy. There are even two steps involved in the entire process of Philips Norelco head replacement!

  • Step 1: Pull off and remove its used heads from the holder.
  • Step 2: Replace the used SH90 heads with the new ones.

Make sure to reset the shaver by pressing and holding the power button for 10 seconds before using it. That is it! Very simple and user-friendly.

4. I have already replaced the heads, but my SH90 replacement symbol is still blinking, what should I do?

If the blinking does not stop, there are 3 options that you can do.

Option 1: You may use the item for a few trims and cuts and the light automatically stops. However, if that does not work, you can have the second option.

Option 2: After putting the SH90 replacement heads, you can press and hold the power button for approximately 10 seconds. After that, the blinking should stop. But, in case that does not work, you can try the last option.

Option 3: The last option you can do is to turn off the item for a few minutes. Or leave it off for the night and turn it back on the next morning, you will notice that the blinking has stopped.  

5. Why is there a need to replace your Philips Norelco SH90 heads?

As mentioned in this article, there is a need to replace your SH90 heads every after 2 or 3 years or after shaving 9 million hairs on your face. There is a need to do the replacement so that you can still experience its maximum performance.

Final Thoughts

SH90 replacement heads maybe a little bit costly for some, but it offers you great performance. It is highly efficient and time-saving. You no longer need to spend time looking for the best replacement heads for you. SH90 is your perfect match. It is suited for users who are always on the go. If you need a quick shave with an excellent after-effect, Philips Norelco SH90 is your perfect partner to looking good.

With SH90 replacement heads, you are guaranteed of saving yourself a few dollars than buying an entirely new set of shavers. SH90 replacement heads work like magic for men whose goal is to look good and fresh without the fuss of buying new shavers every month. It is not only cheaper if you only buy its replacement heads, but it is also practical in all sense of the word.

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