In this tutorial, we’re going to look at how to access Synology NAS if you forget your password.

Has this happened to any of you who are using Synology NAS? Synology NAS quietly backs up photos and synchronizes computer files for you every day, but suddenly one day you want to login but find that you forgot your password. Or you can’t login to the NAS after changing your home router. You have tried QuickConnect and Synology Assistant, and still you can’t find anyway to access your Synology NAS.

Reset Your Synology NAS

You can follow the tutorial below to learn how to reset your Synology NAS. “Reset” here does not mean restoring factory settings or wiping hard drive data. When you need to reset your Synology NAS, there are two different reset modes to choose from:

  • Mode 1 will restore the administrator account and network settings to their default values in a moment, which can be selected if you have forgotten your password or wish to change your network environment and IP settings.
  • Mode 2 will uninstall the DSM operating system and erase all system configurations. Neither mode will delete your data stored on the NAS, but it is strongly recommended that you back up your files before resetting to avoid accidental loss of data.

How To Reset The Synology DS1517+

In this article you will be shown how to reset your Synology NAS in two different modes using the DS1517+ as an example.

Before you start, please check the status of your NAS in Wed Assistant at to make sure it is “Ready”. If the status is not “Ready”, please refer to the link in the instructions on this page for additional settings. Alternatively, if you cannot find your NAS in the Wed Assistant, you can download the desktop client, Synology Assistant, from the Synology Download Centre and use Synology Assistant to locate your device.

Next, turn your Synology NAS to the back and locate the RESET button. If you are unsure of the location of the RESET button on your NAS, please go to the Synology Download Center where this information can be found in the Hardware Installation Guide in the Documentation category.

Mode 1 – How To Access Synology NAS

Use a paperclip to press and hold the RESET button for about four seconds and release it as soon as you hear the beep. Then open the Wed Assistant, double click on your Synology NAS to log in, enter the system default “Admin” as your account name, leave the password field blank and click “Login”. Then set a strong password, press “Send” and log in with Admin and the password you have just set. If you are already using Admin as your administrator account name, you will be able to access DSM using Admin and the strong password you have just set. However, if you are using an administrator account other than Admin, you will have to try the Admin account and password first and then set a new password for your administrator account. Here we use Synology_Demo as an example. After logging in, go to “Control Panel” – “User Accounts”, double click on the administrator name and reset your password in “Information”. We recommend that you deactivate your Admin account after you have changed your password. To do this, you will need to log in again with your administrator account, go to “Control Panel” – “User Accounts”, double click on Admin and tick “Deactivate this user account”.

Mode 2 – How To Access Synology NAS

Please press and hold the RESET button for four seconds until the NAS beeps, then release it, then press it again for four seconds until you hear three beeps and then release it. After about two minutes, you can see the STATUS on the front of the NAS start blinking orange, which means it has been successfully reset. Next you can start to reinstall DiskStation Manager. First go to the Wed Assistant at and your NAS will be displayed as DiskStation, RackStation or FlashStation depending on your device and the status will be “set data destroyed”. Double-click on your NAS and follow the installation wizard steps to complete the reinstallation.

Final Thoughts

After reading the tutorial, is it easy for you to reset your Synology NAS? I hope this tutorial will help you, so you can easily solve the problem yourself if you forget your administrator password or cannot find your NAS in the future.

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