The speakers and power amplifiers are the key components whenever the need arises to obtain amplified music output. These components are inevitable regardless of the music style and size of the venue. They convert electronic signals into sound waves. Especially, power amplifiers do the toughest job i.e. it accepts the low-level output of mics, instruments, and other sources. Subsequently, it significantly raises the volume to drive speakers and stage monitors. The best Crown power amplifier is ultra-efficient with Crown’s patented DriveCore technology that guaranteeing a clean, undistorted signal straight to the speakers.

Power amplifiers from the renowned brand Crown are versatile and convey superior audio quality. Being versatile, they can safely acclimatize to a wide range of speaker system configurations. When you go through the below power amplifier reviews, you can better pick the best Crown power amplifier.

List of The Best Crown Amplifier

Check out the thorough reviews of the best crown amplifier below.

1. Crown XLi1500 Two-channel, 450-Watt at 4Ω Power Amplifier

Best Crown Power Amplifier Review In 2023-10TechPro

Obtain quality power amplification with this best Crown power amplifier on the list. It is a two-channel power amplifier capable to deliver 750W per channel at 4Ω, 500W per channel at 8Ω, and 1500W at 8Ω (in bridged-mono mode). All the models of power amplifiers from this series including this one are rugged and reliable. Especially, the entertainers, musicians, and DJs extensively use it.  You may find this amplifier in pubs, disco clubs, and places of worship.

Key Features

  • The range of user-selectable input sensitivity is 0.775V to 1.4V.
  • Various modes it supports are parallel, stereo, and bridge-mono.
  • When it comes to inputs/outputs, it supports electronically balanced RCA & XLR inputs and binding post and Speak on outputs.
  • It is due to the forced-air cooling that this amplifier avoids extreme thermal buildup.  
  • One of the best features is the amplifier stays protected against on/off thumps, shorts, and interference due to radio frequencies.
  • From 6 bright LED indicators, you can know when the power is on/off, the presence of a fault, and signal presence.

Pros And Cons

  • Fans operate quietly
  • The black finish presents an elegant look
  • Protection against shorts and overpower
  • Rugged construction makes it perfect for outdoor usage
  • Its power button is flimsy

2. Crown XLS2002 Power Amplifier

Best Crown Power Amplifier Review In 2023-10TechPro

The aforementioned Crow device is a two-channel power amplifier capable too drive speakers at 650W at 4Ω. The clean power output and low distortion make sure the amplifiers convey high-quality audio output.

Similar to its predecessors, this amplifier is implemented with the Crown’s patented DriveCore technology. DriveCore circuitry sustains Class D high efficiency with reduced noise. Moreover, the XLS Drive Core 2 makes sure audio output is heard clearly in any venue.

The larger display offers ease of adjusting different settings. Also, it employs an elegant look. Its design shows an audio amplifier circuit that resembles the excellent audio quality of an advanced Class AB design.  

Key Features

  • The range of selectable input sensitivity is 0.775V to 1.4V RMS. Hence, the amplifier can be operated at full power.
  • Higher DSP capabilities offer enhanced control.
  • A bandpass filter is available per channel.
  • Gain controls are available on the left and right channels.
  • Internal heat sinks support forced-air cooling to keep the amplifier cool.
  • The intuitive LCD screen contains buttons like menu, prev, and next.
  • Sleep mode turns off the LCD screen for reducing distraction.
  • Security mode avoids tampering.

Pros And Cons

  • Suitable for home theater setups
  • Rack-mountable offers ease of setup
  • Efficient heat dissipation
  • Various menus available on the LCD screen
  • Not suitable for high-end audiophile setup

3. Crown XLS1002 Power Amplifier

Best Crown Power Amplifier Review In 2023-10TechPro

Now you can efficiently drive your speakers at any venue with the XLS1002 power amplifier. It can deliver 350W power output at 4Ω resistance. Audio output presents great clarity and low distortion.

The XLS DriveCore 2 in this amplifier makes sure your voice will be heard clearly irrespective of the venue. A class D amplifier is present and it is implemented with DriveCore technology. The large display offers ease of control and also presents a sophisticated look. Forced-air cooling in internal heat sinks keeps the amplifier cool for hours.

Key Features

  • The selectable input sensitivity can be varied in the range of 0.775V to 1.4V RMS.
  • Crown’s patented DriveCore technology is capable to drive 2400W speakers at 4Ω (in bridged mode).
  • Plenty of headroom guarantees a clean, distortion-free signal output to speakers.
  • Advanced DSP capabilities offer enhanced control.
  • Input connections are electronically-balanced XLR (two pairs), 1/4” TRS (two pairs), and RCA jacks (one pair). Output connection is 1/4” speaker (two pairs).
  • Security mode avoids tampering.
  • Power output is 550W at 2Ω, 350W at 4Ω, and 215W at 8Ω.
  • Power consumption is 23W in standby mode and 46W in idle state.

Pros And Cons

  • Fans run efficiently to keep the amplifier cool
  • Comes with variable input sensitivity
  • DSP capabilities offer enhanced control
  • Lightweight design
  • Affordably priced
  • Cannot disable flashing blue lights at the front panel when used in standby mode
  • Consumes much power

4. Crown XTi4002 Power Amplifier

Best Crown Power Amplifier Review In 2023-10TechPro

If you want an amplifier that lets you easily adapt audio output then you can consider this best Crown power amplifier XTi4002. This two-channel amplifier comes with Peak x Plus Limiters that offer critical system performance. Moreover, they assure great protection by enabling comprehensive control on attack, release, and threshold.

A user can conveniently control gain, filter type, and frequency with the enhanced Subharmonic Synth section. This functionality offers ease of tuning various parameters based on your audio system.

The advanced system monitoring lets you view power supply temperature and AC line voltage on software. Carry this amplifier anywhere with the built-in cast-aluminum handles.

Key Features

  • It comes with 3 user-defined fan mode controls. They are namely normal, early, and full speed. Select any of these controls to match fan performance based on your application.
  • Power output is 1600W at 2Ω, 1200W at 4Ω, and 650W at 8Ω.
  • Input connection is XLR (x2); Output connections are XLR (two pairs), Speakon (two pairs), and Binding Post (two pairs).
  • HiQnet Band Manager or Audio Architect control software lets you remotely supervise and configure this amplifier.

Pros And Cons

  • Provides easy DSP controls on your computer
  • Clear and lifelike sound output
  • Durable handles offer ease of handling
  • Remotely manageable and configurable
  • Many unnecessary programming options present
  • The fan makes a loud noise

5. Crown XTi2002 Power Amplifier

Best Crown Power Amplifier Review In 2023-10TechPro

Crown XTi2002 two-channel power amplifier is one of the most efficient and innovative amplifiers. It can deliver 800W power at 4Ω.  Performance is extraordinary with great clarity and minimal distortion.  Not just for personal uses but you can also set up this amplifier in professional environments. It is hassle-free to view power supply temperature and AC line voltage with innovative software system monitoring.

Key Features

  • Enhanced Subharmonic Synth section lets you control gain, frequency, and filter type. You can adjust these parameters based on the system being used.
  • With the Audio Architect control software or HiQnet Band Manager, you can remotely supervise and configure various parameters.

Pros And Cons

  • Equipped with pro features for use in a professional setup
  • Excellent user control on frequency
  • Efficient power output
  • Sleek and lightweight design
  • Takes some time for setup

6. Crown CDi 2|1200 DriveCore Analog 2-Channel 1200-Watt Power Amplifier with BLU Link

Best Crown Power Amplifier Review In 2023-10TechPro

Obtain efficient amplification for your speakers or monitors with this 1200W two-channel power amplifier. It conveys an extraordinary combination of various advanced features without costing much. With its streamlined functionality, you can use it in any large-sized venue. For instance, you can use it in hotels, cinemas, places of worship, etc.

The whole CDi Drive Core line is equipped with JBL speaker tunings. They make installation simple and quick. This amplifier is capable enough to power up to 100V RMS speaker loads; no need for a transformer. One of the advanced functionalities is it supports network control/monitoring. The display panel at the front presents an intuitive interface for ease of use. With this interface, you can fully configure the amplifier.

Key Features

  • DriveCore technology is implemented and the maximum power output is 1200W.
  • Every output channel can provide either 70V or 100V for high-impedance applications.
  • A combined GPIO/aux port supports features like mute channels, recall presets, monitor faults, power on/off, and more.
  • The CDI Drive Core is easy to control, configure, and monitor via the standard HARMAN’s HiQnet Audio Architect software. This software uses a standard TCP/IQ network for the same.
  • Built-in DSP enables custom configuration.

Pros And Cons

  • The intuitive front-panel interface offers ease of configuration
  • Suitable for high-impedance applications
  • Comes with high-level DSP control
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Some noise exists in the output

7. Crown 160MA Four-input Amplifier

Best Crown Power Amplifier Review In 2023-10TechPro

For commercial audio quality, this crown 160ma amplifier is the best Crown power amplifier to consider. Commonly, it is used for background music, music-on-hold, and paging. Each output channel can deliver 70 V to 100V constant voltage output at 8Ω. A built-in mixer lets you add a microphone, TV audio input, I-pod, and a PA/fire call.

Key Features

  • It supports 4 inputs namely dual RCA stereo music inputs and balanced Phoenix-type mic/line input.
  • Output connections supported are telephone output and screw-terminal speaker outputs.
  • Every input comes with volume control. 
  • Priority muting is possible with an external switch or VOX.
  • Bass and treble controls are available on the master output.
  • Additional features are phantom power and voice-activated muting.

Pros And Cons

  • Separate volume controls are available for each input
  • Suitable for commercial applications
  • Easy to control bass and trebles
  • Loaded with multiple advanced features
  • Takes some time to learn some features

How To Pick The Best Crown Power Amplifier?

Combining the proper amount of voltage with the appropriate features gives you the right power amplifier for your needs. Though this may sound easy, there are several other aspects you need to consider. To make your investment worthwhile for the best Crown power amplifier, you can consider the aspects discussed below.

1. Power

It is always best to choose a power amplifier that can deliver power equal to or double the speaker’s continuous power rating. It implies that a speaker having a nominal impedance of 6 ohms and a power rating of 400 Watts will need a power amplifier that can generate 800 Watts in a 6 ohms load.

The power amplifiers from Crown come with a continuous power rating and program power rating. Typically, the continuous power rating is half of the program power rating. It can be thought of as the minimum amount of power that a speaker requires. Choose a power amplifier that can generate at least this much amount of power.

To understand this better, for a speaker with a continuous power rating of 200 Watts, you will need an amplifier capable to deliver power in the range of 200 to 400 Watts RMS.  The closer the value is to the maximum, the better would be the sound output from the speaker. In short, a peak power rating suggests the maximum, instant short-term power that a power amplifier can provide or which a speaker can deal with.

2. Headroom

A Crown power amplifier with some additional headroom guarantees that signals sent to speakers are clean and distortion-free. Headroom represents the variation between the standard operating level of an amplifier and the peak level which the amp can pass without any distortion.  In absence of enough headroom, your power amplifier will present unclear and distorted output.

3. Connections

These power amplifiers usually provide XLR and 1/4″ inputs to make a connection with a mixing board or some other audio source component. Like few other power amplifiers’ manufacturers, Crown recommends using balanced XLR connections all through the signal path. The reason is balanced connections discard noise. Especially, where long cables are necessary, these connections are useful.

Compared to simple amplifiers, these power amplifiers from Crown provide more watts per dollar. This is why they are more suitable for home theater systems.

Along with these connections, also look at what speaker connections the amplifier supports. 3 different types of amp output jacks that are found in these power amplifiers are Neutrik SpeakON, banana/binding posts, and 1/4″ TS (Tip/Shield). The first type of speaker connection offers extra security of a twist & lock connection. When it comes to versatility, banana/binding plugs are more suitable. When you use the 1/4″ TS connections, ascertain that you use pro speaker cables having 1/4″ plugs.

4. Number of channels

The choice for a Crown power amplifier depends on the number of channels you need. For that, the prime factor to consider is the number of speaker cabinets you need to connect. Also, keep in mind how you want to wire them. The majority of the power amplifiers contain 2 channels which allow you to connect two speaker cabinets in mono or stereo mode. In a few Crown amplifiers, you may find up to 8 channels.

Frequently Asked Questions When Picking Crown Power Amplifier

1. Do Crown power amplifiers come with Gain settings?

The majority of these power amplifiers have a gain/level knob at the front part. It lets you set the proper gain for the desired power output. Appropriate gain staging begins with the proper setting on your mixer.

2. What is the role of frequency filters in power amplifiers?

Frequency filters help you adapt the output of an amplifier to outfit the type of speakers it is powering.

With a high-pass filter, you can decrease the output of a speaker below a specific frequency. It helps you to concentrate its power over higher frequencies. Moreover, it makes sure energy is not wasted on power-intensive bass frequencies.

A low-pass filter discards the high frequencies from the output of the amplifier. You can use it when the power amplifier is powering a subwoofer.

Removal of both lows and highs is possible with a band-pass filter. They fine-tune the performance of subwoofers.

3. How parametric EQ is helpful?

Some power amplifiers come with advanced equalization capabilities so that you can adapt sound output. Such adjustments can be made through either front-panel buttons or a connected computer. This feature removes the need for racks occupied with outboard signal processors.

4. Do all Crown power amplifiers have built-in DSP?

DSP (digital signal processing) is found only on some Crown power amplifiers. It transforms the input analog signal into a digital bitstream. So, it allows you to direct and outline the signal in various ways.

5. What is ‘Crossover’ in power amplifiers? 

It is a circuit that splits the output signal into frequency bands for proper delivery to explicit driver types like tweeters, midrange drivers, and woofers.

Final Thoughts

For amplified sound output with great clarity, you can choose the best Crown power amplifier from the ones discussed above. They provide a clean, undistorted signal straight to speakers. Especially for home theater setups, they are considered the best choices.  Most of them operate quietly and reliably. Many of them are equipped with intuitive digital interfaces for user convenience. They are durable yet portable for flexibility of use anywhere.

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