A desk pad is an integral part of an office. It is similar to a mouse pad but larger. However, it actually accommodates a keyboard. Still, based on its size, it can fit your mouse too. If you do not have a desk pad, you are missing something essential. This review will share the 5 best desk pad for office that are perfect to buy.

Almost all desk pads offer the same type of function. They ensure desk protection and keep your keyboard from sliding off the desk. As a whole, they offer a writing surface. However, if you are not careful enough, you may end up choosing an inappropriate desk pad for your office. To ensure that you do not end up like that, we have included a buying guide, and some frequently asked questions at the end of the review.

List Of The Best Desk Pad for Office

Check out the thorough reviews of the best desk pad for office below.

1. Knodel Desk Pad

Best Desk Pad for Office: In-depth Review-10TechPro

In our list, Knodel Desk Pad is at the top of the best desk pads for office. The pad comes in various sizes. With 23.6” by 13.8” being the smallest, they are suitable for desks of any size. Besides, you do not have to pay much more for its larger sizes. That gives you an option to choose from those also. Here are the key features of the Knodel desk pad.

Product Features

  • Desk protection: These desk pads are made of durable PU leather that protects desks from scratches, spills, stains, etc.
  • Professional look: It is a vital reason for this pad being at the top. When you put it on your desk, it gives your office a new look- professional and modern. That is what you have been looking for, indeed.
  • Smooth surface: This feature is common in most desk pads, though. But with the ultra smoothness that a Knodel desk pad offers, you enjoy your typing, writing, and browsing. Besides, it makes it a suitable one to use in both your home and office.
  • Double-sided: Many desk pads offer only one side of it as a smooth surface. The other surface usually is rough, and you cannot expect the same outcome from that rough part. However, this desk pad is different in this prospect. It offers both sides as smooth ones. As a result, you do not have to worry about which side you have put it on.
  • Easy to clean: The pad being waterproof, it resists water as well as heat. Besides, it is easy to clean.

2. YSAGi Multifunctional Office Desk Pad

Best Desk Pad for Office: In-depth Review-10TechPro

As the name suggests, this desk pad is multifunctional and suitable for offices. With the different colors that it comes in, it will attract you one way or another. You may undervalue it for its second place in the top best desk pads for office. For your information, it is the best seller ranked one product among desk pads.

Product Features

  • Dual side with different colors: Similar to the previous one, this desk pad also offers both side usage. However, unlike the previous one, it has different colors on different sides.
  • Easy to clean: The company has made it to serve heavy-duty. That is why they made it easy to clean. You just have to wipe its surface with a clean cloth, and it will be clean. If there is too much dirt, we will prefer wet cloth.
  • Desk protection: You do not have to worry about water as the mat is waterproof. However, this feature is common for most desk pads. But there is still something that you need to know. This desk pad offers oil-proof as well. Besides, it protects your PC from stains, scratches, and spills.
  • Wide space: We use desk pads for laptop or keyboard accommodation. However, this one offers even more. With its vast space, you do not have to use a separate mouse pad. That is to say that after you put your laptop on it, there is still enough space for your mouse.

3. EMINTA Dual-Sided Desk Pad

Best Desk Pad for Office: In-depth Review-10TechPro

The name itself describes the primary feature of this best desk pad for office. A distinctive part of this pad is its sewed edge. We do not see it most often in different other pads. This pad is ideal for use in both your office and home.

Product Features

  • More durable: As manufacturers claim, sewing desk pads are more durable than other regular pads. Besides, they add to modern fashion. These desk pads protect your desktop or laptop from any stains, spills, scratches, and so more.
  • Double-sided waterproof use: Waterproof design is the first thing that buyers keep in the first place of their choice. Well, you get it in this desk pad. Like the previous two, this one also offers both side use. You might be thinking about whether it provides a waterproof feature on both sides. Well, it does. So you can rest assured about any water spilled.
  • Non-slip large size: The desk pad comes quite at a large size. With its large size, it can accommodate your mouse even after accommodating the laptop. Its comfortable, smooth surface gives you a suitable writing surface. Another catchy one is its non-slip feature. While there are so many desk pads that cannot prevent slipping, this one does. All of our top 5 desk pads for offices do the same, though.
  • Easy to clean: Wiping with a wet cloth is enough to clean it. You can roll up the desk pad and take it suitable for cleaning. Then just use the fabric, and you get a clean desk pad.

4. YSAGi Non-Slip Desk Pad

Best Desk Pad for Office: In-depth Review-10TechPro

The first thing to mention about this desk pad is its beige color. This color will attract just anyone that sees it. We can claim that without any hesitation. However, it is available in other colors too. So you do not need to worry if you have any problem with the beige color. The pad comes in three different sizes.

Product Features

  • Anti-slip backside: As you might have been thinking, this desk pad does not offer both side usage. Instead, it offers something even more vital. Its bottom is made of suede material. This suede material ensures that the pad with its content does not slip.
  • Durable PVC leather: The durable PVC leather makes it easy to clean. However, as it provides only one side use, cleaning the top side is easy. You will just have to wipe the surface with a cloth, wet cloth in case of too much dirt, and we are good to go.
  • Wide surface: As we already mentioned, it comes in three different sizes. With its large size, it provides accommodation for your mouse and keyboard beside your laptop. So you need not worry about spending an extra amount to buy a mouse pad.

5. TOWWI Dual Sided Desk Pad

Best Desk Pad for Office: In-depth Review-10TechPro

It is time we moved to another dual-sided desk pad. This pad comes with a wide variety of eye-catching colors. One or another color will get your attention for sure. With three different sizes, you have a lot to choose from. Here are the key features of this best desk pad for office.

Product Features

  • Leather material: Customers seek leather material in some types of products. A desk pad is one as such. With its leather material, it won’t disappoint you that we can tell for sure. You can roll it up and take it wherever you want.
  • Three different sizes: If you own a laptop and hence do not need a separate keyboard, the 24” by 14” mat size is the perfect choice for you. However, if you have a separate laptop, the 32” by 16” will do the work as it accommodates your laptop, mouse, and keyboard as well. With 36” by 17”, you can even give a place to other desk items.
  • Dual side use: Unlike the previous desk pad, this one offers dual-side use. That means you can use it with any side on the top. With 11 different color patterns, you get a wide variety.
  • Beautiful smooth design: Some desk pad users do not care about the design of the pad. However, if you do, this one is the perfect choice for you. With their long-lasting PU leather, it offers a smooth surface with an unquestionable design.

How To Pick The Best Desk Pad For Office?

We already shared a short review of the 5 best desk pads for office. You can choose any of these without second thoughts. However, we will still include a buying guide that will help you pick the best desk pad while choosing among many.

Desk pads are highly similar to mousepads. However, due to their large size, there are some other concerns that you should be careful about. Let’s go through some of these concerns you should be looking for while choosing the best desk pad for office. (check the best humidifier for office)

Build Material

We usually find four different desk pad types based on their build material. These four materials are plastic, faux leather, leather, and anti-static. If you want a mat that you can see through, plastic mats are suitable for you. They cost the least. However, the quality of this type is the least, as well. Next comes the faux leather material. They are perfect for writing purposes. However, they seem classical and do not express professionalism. So if you are going to use the desk pad for your office, this might not be the perfect choice for you.

Now comes the leather material. These desk pads are the most expensive ones. However, with their professional look, they are the most suitable choice for office use. As you can see, aside from one, all our mentioned desk pads are made of leather material. The rest is anti-static. If you own a laptop and want to keep it out of the dust, this type of pad is a suitable choice for you.


As a whole, we all want a smooth surface. However, the material plays a vital role here. Let’s say you will write on that desk pad. So there are some risks of pens to pierce the mat. That is why a desk pad made of leather or faux leather is the perfect choice for you. They won’t get pierced when you write on paper placing on them. If you want to accommodate your mouse on the desk pad, you should be careful about your choice. If you are a gamer, a game-specific pad will be of help. Instead, if you choose just any regular pad, your mouse may not roll as you wanted it to do.

Non-Slip Back

A desk pad plays a vital role in preventing the content on its top from slipping. While this feature seems essential, we find many desk pads that do not offer the same. That is why you should be careful about what you are choosing. No matter for what purpose you are using the mat, we will always prefer that you choose the one that prevents slipping.

Color Choice

It is a secondary thought, though. As you have seen, desk pads come in different colors. Indeed, you will choose the color of your choice. But still, there are some things to consider. For example, the most common colors in this aspect are clear, brown, and black. Did you ever ask yourself why these colors are the most common? That is because they look professional as well as do not look dirty.

If you are in constant need of a calendar, you will want to place it under the mat. In that case, a clear mat is a perfect choice for you. This way, you can see through the pad and quickly look at what your calendar says. Reminders and plans work the same way. In other cases, the brown or black color will adjust to the desired professionalism of your workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions When Picking The Best Desk Pad for Office

Q. How much money should I spend on a desk pad?

A. The prices change from brand to brand and from material to material. So when you have chosen the perfect material and brand, you will get an explicit knowledge about the money you will need to spend. But as a whole, you can keep 10 to 20 dollars aside for a desk pad.

Q. How to make the desk pad lay flat?

A. If you have bought one of the top desk pads, this should not be an issue. However, if it happens anyway, you can use a blow dryer. After you blow over it back and forth on its highest setting for a few minutes, the desk pad will lay flat.

Q. How do I get rid of the plastic smell?

A. The plastic smell from a new desk pad fades away with time. If you are very much annoyed with the smell, you can keep it away for one week. Another way could be buying a leather desk pad. They do not easily smell that much.

Q. Is a faux leather pad similar to a leather pad?

A. Well, they are similar but not the same. If you are within a budget, faux leather will do the work for you. They are quite similar to the quality of leather ones. We even find some faux leather pads that are better than some leather pads.

Q. Which mat should I choose if I want to put a document underneath?

A. If you need to look at a document, a clear mat will do the work. Some customers ask if clear mats are really clear. Well, the quality varies from brand to brand. If you buy one of the best ones, you will get a similar service.

Final Thoughts

We have shared the top 5 best desk pads for office above. Based on your preferences, you can pick any of them. If you have any other choices, the buying guide will help you choose wisely. Hopefully, you will get the best one.