TOZO T6 Earbuds


Overall Design


Sound quality


Noise cancellation


Volume control


Battery life



  • Rich sound, excellent passive noise cancellation.
  • IPX8 rating for water resistance.
  • 30 hours total battery life.
  • Qi wireless charging.
  • Comfortable fit and convenient touch controls.


  • No companion app.
  • Sensitive controls.

Music taste and preference is an intensely personal choice, the absence of earbuds allows others to listen in to your private playlist. The search for the perfect set of earbuds is never-ending. Listening to music in the presence of family and friends feels like an invasion of space, but what other option is there when you misplace your earbuds. Luckily you will find a good choose when checking this TOZO T6 earbuds review.

Of course, this TOZO T6 wireless earbuds review is incomplete without an in-depth analysis of its features and functions. Before we dive into the specifications of the TOZO T6, we must acknowledge its superior audio quality and wireless feature. Everyone knows the frustration of untangling menacing earbud wires, only for them to tangle again.

TOZO T6 Earbuds Review-10TechPro

Investing in the TOZO T6 gives multiple benefits and ensures optimum satisfaction. Finding a product with all necessary features intact is like finding a needle in a haystack. After buying the TOZO T6, any peripheral equipment is unnecessary, especially since the TOZO T6 has an ideal travel-friendly case and increased durability.

TOZO T6 true wireless earbuds received remarkably high ratings from tech experts and trial users. The exemplary performance shown by the earbuds signifies quality expertise. Like every other earbud, the TOZO T6 underwent an extensive trial and quality check stage. Consequently, the TOZO T6 serves its purpose and heads towards a popular future within the music listening community.   

From the buying perspective, the TOZO T6 appeals since it possesses all the things a regular user would want. The features present in the TOZO T6 add to the price tag, however, they are not unreasonable. Purchasing the earbuds is a good bargain since the TOZO T6 review speaks for itself. The wireless system is not the only catch regarding the TOZO T6. It has an advanced Bluetooth system as well.

Moreover, TOZO T6 comes in a variety of colors. The sleek design has an aesthetic element attached to it. The TOZO T6 amplifies every music experience since it does not only give pleasant audio, but it is very lightweight. The convenient shape and structure make it a suitable option to carry around everywhere. One of the most prominent concerns wireless earbud users display is that they fear the earbuds will fall out without support.

Therefore TOZO has taken special care to design the t6 earbuds in a way that you comfortably adjust them in your ear.

The hassle of pulling out your earbuds everyone someone approaches you diminishes. Simply turn off the audio from the source without removing the earbuds. The TOZO T6 is designed explicitly by keeping sporting individuals in mind. Working is more bearable when the right songs are playing. The TOZO T6 supports the active lifestyle of a user and ensures a secure fit without irritating the ear lobes.

TOZO T6 Earbuds Review-10TechPro

Essential Features of TOZO T6 Earbuds

The preliminary review of TOZO T6 will cover its entire appearance, performance, durability, design, and much more. We have already established that the TOZO T6 is more than just an attractive air piece. Its sound quality and enormous battery life account for its popularity. The TOZO T6 gives an exclusive package deal because of its multiple components. It is starting off with the most significant attributes present in the TOZO T6 earbuds.

1. The Distinct Design and Dimensions

On the first look, the tozo t6 has a glossy finish and rogue exterior. The earbuds would suit a professional business person and a sporty adventurer just the same. The availability of different colors makes a choice easier. The tozo t6 is currently available in 6 distinct colors. The color palette includes black, blue, green, white, champagne, and rose gold. These colors can also match the phone set, and they also come with matching cases.

The tozo t6 has the standard square shape with round edges to increase comfortability in pockets. The case is an essential protectant for the earbuds since it is waterproof and hard. The hard encasing prevents the earbuds from being smashed on impact. Furthermore, the case is made out of metal and magnets meant to fix the position of earbuds. Craved right and left initials to make it easier to place the earbuds.

As far as size is concerned, the tozo t6 is around 0.9′ tall. The speaker installed within the earbuds is 6mm. The earbuds themselves are soft and comfortable. The comfortability derives itself from the soft edging and larger back end to support the earbuds within the ear.

TOZO T6 Earbuds Review-10TechPro

2. Charging and Protection Case

The protection case act as a convenient charging case as well. The earbuds are attached to tiny electrical pins. When the earbuds are charging, the case glows red, and when the charging completes, it glows green. The case is small enough to fit in an average Palm and is a waterproof protector of the earbuds. The case does not slip open without applying slight force, so there is no need to worry about the earbuds falling.  

Moreover, the charging case makes a slight squeaky sound when it opens and closes. The tozo t6 case supports wireless charging. Placing the earbuds on a wireless charging pad will soon fill the battery to an optimum level; however, the charging case provides the fastest charging.

3. The Wireless Connectivity Option

The tozo t6 is equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5 technology. This means that the tozo t6 earbuds are compatible and support HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP. The advanced Bluetooth technology has a wide range. You can listen to music from the tozo t6 true earbuds without sitting right next to the source or phone. Bluetooth 5 implements fast and untangled transmission since the signals are strong.

The problem with most Bluetooth connected devices is that they lose connectivity or start glitching when the user moves. The tozo t6 supports intense physical activity, so even running and jumping will not cause hiccups in the sound quality. The tozo t6 Bluetooth feature is perhaps its most compelling feature.

Due to the Bluetooth 5 feature, the low battery signal also appears on the paired android or ios device. The Bluetooth connected earbuds are automatically connected to each other. Popping out the earbuds will simultaneously pair them to the nearest Bluetooth connected device.

4. The Audio Clarity and Precision

The TOZO T6 earbuds review includes a comprehensive account of the audio quality. The ideal 6mm drivers provide maximum coverage and exterior sound suppressing qualities. The tozo t6 is designed to play upbeat and energetic songs. Songs that you might usually listen to while performing a vigorous routine. The bass is too high to listen to for an extended time. The natural and authentic sound revolves around the shape of the t6.

The tozo t6 has a good grip, therefore, the sound quality increases, the earbuds are close to the inner ear and provide a luxurious sound system without damaging the quality. Extended loud music impairs the sound quality of the earbuds, and the sound becomes patchy. This is not the case with the tozo t6 true earbuds, they persist the same quality even after extended use.

In addition to this, the 6 hours of playtime can last the whole day—the advanced technology in the tozo t6 sojourns overheating even after continuous use. The tozo t6 is touch-controlled rather than the traditional button control. Button controls end up getting damaged, they are not suitable for the pressure extended on them. The touch system is more appropriate.

The touch system instantly activates the Bluetooth 5 system. The whole connectivity process takes less than a minute. A person can figure out the fuctionining of the tozo t6 earbuds without a manual guide too. The hybrid active noise canceling feature is a comparitavely new feature in contrast to other wireless earbuds.

5. Waterproof Capability and The Box Constituents

Both the earbuds and its case have waterproof capabilities. Overestimating this feature is understandable foolishness. By the term waterproof, the tozo t6 earbuds and case are submerged in water for a short time. A slight dip in liquid or exposure to rain is entirely safe for the tozo t6. The tozo t6 elevates the music experience inside and out.

TOZO T6 Earbuds Review-10TechPro

Apart from the earbuds, the tozo t6 case comes with other components. These handy constituents include a USB cable, Charging case, ear caps, start guide, and earbuds manual. The ear caps are extra, just in case, the present ones come off. The tozo t6 ear caps are comfortable and have a tight grip on the earbud speakers. Their adjustable and flexible exterior easily fits all kinds of ears.

6. Convenient Music and Calls Microphone

In the recent past, the whole world was swooning over a Bluetooth ear set that allowed you to listen to calls without touching the phone. The tozo t6 has incorporated this feature within its microphone. Now the buyers can listen to music and talk on the phone simultaneously through the microphone. The microphone is at a considerable distance from the mouth and yet still provides high-quality transmission.

The microphones placed on both earbuds; usually, earpieces dedicated to calling and communication do not entertain audio; however, the tozo t6 does both functions. The multiple application does not drop the audio aspect; however, the microphone merely passes the functionality test.

Nevertheless, the microphone addition was seamlessly performed without deforming the natural shape of the earbuds. This is a considerable accomplishment n the part of tozo. Providing dual features under the name of a single earbud is a magnanimous effort. Essentially the microphone comes under the price bracket of the earbuds.

Other Staple Factors of The TOZO T6 True Earbuds

The maximum potential life span of the TOZO T6 earbuds is undetermined, however, they are durable if handled with care. Even under extreme circumstances, the earbuds can last longer than two years. Their lifespan is a relative factor. The same earbuds can last longer with different people depending on the way you use them.

Collectively the TOZO T6 earbuds compliment sports activities the most. The sweat-resistant ability and Bluetooth compatibility make sports ventures possible. Previously, athletes had to struggle with wires that pulled out on movement. In contrast, other wireless Bluetooth earbuds have a tangle-free solution but no way to stop the audio’s minor disturbances. The TOZO T6 boasts of achieving both of these requirements.

Therefore sports personnel gain the most advantage from the tozo t6 earbuds. The IPX8 waterproof rating and confirmed trials ensured highly qualified earbuds to enter the market. The tozo t6 true earbuds provide the same benefits as its competitors while adding its own features as well. The whole tozo t6 review confirms the fact that the prominent features of earbuds are:

  1. Touch Control and Operating System: Instantaneous activation of Bluetooth
  2. Bluetooth and Wireless Capabilities
  3. A high degree of water resistance due to nano-coating
  4. Supports Wireless charging on the case, although not included in the packaging
  5. Affordable and available in other variants

TOZO can do better with the battery life in this product since 6 hours seems too low. They do compensate with the quick charging, however, this is not a feasible solution, the charger might be unavailable at times.

TOZO T6 Earbuds Review-10TechPro


The TOZO T6 earbuds are professionally crafted intelligent earbuds. They are worth every penny if one is concerned with listening to music and standard audio quality. The design and functions directly appeal to athletes since they fixate inside the ear without additional support. The popularity of TOZO T6 earbuds concludes with its simplicity ad classy appearance.

The TOZO T6 true earbuds revel supremacy in appearance, music standards, usability as well as sound profile. The entrance of TOZO T6 contributes to setting a standard for others to match and follow. TOZO T6 earbuds do not imitate other technologies but conspire to build within its own technological boundary. Ultimately, the TOZO T6 earbuds deliver a genuine sound standard within popular earbuds of this age.

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