Smart water bottles have been in the market for quite some time now. With the smart features that they offer, modern lives have become much easier. In the contemporary world, there is nothing left to be modernized. Smart water bottles are a pure example of that. However, when you have a variety of options available in the market, it is no doubt choosing the best smart water bottle for perfect hydration tracking can be a tough job, the number of models can overwhelm you.

In this review article and buying guide, we will be reviewing the best smart water bottles in 2020-2021. We will highlight the best smart water bottles in the market that will simplify your life. We made this list, after the research by keeping an eye on price, quality, durability, and user reviews. If you’re interested in finding out which smart water bottle will be the best for you, stick to this ultimate review. Besides, we will include what a smart water bottle is and why you need it. In the end, we will be sharing a buying guide for smart water bottles.

What is a Smart Water Bottle?

Wellness, health, and fitness are the primary concern of the industries now. We see its implementation on tech products as well. A smart water bottle is one of those modern products that ensure the good health and wellness of its owner. Although fitness tech products have been in the market for a long time, smart water bottles are comparatively new.

A smart water bottle works as both a water container and a smart device. We know many health devices that show the relative health data of its owner. The same applies to smart water bottles. They track and keeps records of important water-related data. These bottles track the water intake of its user. The gathered data is usually synchronized with a mobile app. The app then shows you how much water you took and when you need to take it again. Thus, it keeps one hydrated and offers real-time updates and daily goals.

List of The Best Smart Water Bottle

Why Do You Need a Smart Water Bottle?

There have been revolutionary changes in the history of water bottles. One or two decades ago, the water bottles were as simple as possible. Most of them were for one-time use. However, the situation reversed in recent years. Now, some bottles offer the same service even after years. The smart water bottles are the latest edition to these changes. Now comes the question. Why do we need smart bottles?

The whole world has suffered much in recent years due to worldwide pandemics and diseases. As an aware person, you already must have known that water is an important cure for all these diseases. However, if one does not take adequate water, he or she gets prone to diseases. But you cannot be sure if the daily water intake is sufficient. Smart water bottles ensure that you drink adequate water each day. They remind you of drinking water every once in a while. Besides, some smart bottles show additional health data. They remind you to carry on the good habits, monitor your activities, and advise accordingly. Thus, anyone with seriousness for their fitness and health needs smart water bottles. Also, people that require more hydration than usual, like athletes, also need smart water bottles.

Check out our thorough and honest reviews of the best smart water bottles of 2020-2021.

1. Hydra Tech Bottle  The Fitness Partner

Best Smart Water Bottle Review in 2020-2021-10TechPro
  • BPA Free
  • Has App – to control lighting and effects
  • Many color options
  • Hidden Storage
  • Non-spill lid
  • Low battery indicator
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Speakerphone capabilities
  • Light features
  • Only holds 20oz of water.
  • It doesn’t remind you to drink water or track your water intake.

2. Sportline Hydracoach Intelligent Water Bottle – The Smart Bottle for All

Best Smart Water Bottle Review in 2020-2021-10TechPro

Almost everyone agrees that we should all drink more water and that staying hydrated is an important part of staying active, but who actually keeps track of that? This water bottle can automatically monitor your fluid intake and let you know when you’ve reached the optimal level of hydration.


  • Drink Monitor – Monitors the total amount of water consumed throughout the day.
  • Personal Hydration Goal – Automatically calculates the amount of recommended and consumed daily water.
  • Average Consumption – Displays the average amount of water consumed per hour.
  • Sip Tracker – Displays the amount and percentage of water consumed relative to your Personal Hydration Goal.

3. Thermos Hydration Bottle with Connected Smart Lid  The iPhone Smart Bottle

Best Smart Water Bottle Review in 2020-2021-10TechPro


  • Measures the intake of liquids while providing real-time temperature readings.
  • The Hydration Calculator calculates your suggested hydration goal based on your personal data.
  • Chart and graph daily, weekly, and monthly hydration progress.
  • Up to a 12 day battery life before needing to be re-charged.
  • Requires iOS7+ and works with the following Apple Devices: iPhone (4S and later), iPad (3rd generation and later), iPad mini (all generations), iPod touch (5th generation and later)

The following is a closer look at the main pros and cons of the Thermos Hydration Bottle with Connected Smart Lid to help you decide whether it is indeed the best choice for you.

  • Tracks liquid intake.
  • Nicely designed app.
  • Measures water temperature.
  • Good battery life.
  • Pricey.
  • Sometimes skips sips.
  • No Android support.

The Bottom Line

The Thermos Connected Hydration Bottle with Smart Lid helps you track how much water you drink, but it’s a pricey way to establish good habits.

4. ICEWATER 3-in-1 Smart Water Bottle – With great sound and light up system

Best Smart Water Bottle Review in 2020-2021-10TechPro

This is a unique choice of water bottle that mixes a reminder to stay hydrated with a bit of a light show and a music player.

BlueTooth Speaker
Beyond just being a smart water bottle, the IceWater is designed as a speaker, as well. This makes it a good choice for if you are working out or exercising. You can mix your portable speaker with your water bottle so that it all will work in one place. It is a BlueTooth speaker, so it will very easily connect to your phone.

Other Features
The BlueTooth speaker would be enough, but there is even more to be excited about with the IceWater. It also uses a very unique kind of lighting system so that you will get quite the light show when you are working out. It uses the same light system to remind you of when you need to get yourself another drink of water.

Cost and Value
for all the extra features that come with this bottle, it is actually one of the cheaper options on this list. This water bottle is better designed for someone who likes to take their water bottle to the gym. It will remain on to remind you that you should be drinking water, and then the effective speaker will do a good job of keeping you motivated to keep going.

  • Great price
  • Comes with a speaker
  • Lots of colors of lights
  • Good for motivation
  • Rudimentary drink reminder

5. Sguai by Maxtron 13.5 oz Water Bottle – The Best Smart Water Bottle For Its Money

Best Smart Water Bottle Review in 2020-2021-10TechPro

For those out to get a functional and straightforward smart water bottle, we have our eyes on the Sguai by Maxtron. It will need recharging after a few days, but this is the only thing you have to contend with this bottle.

Design Features

Everything about the Sguai is cute and stylish. It is built from vacuum insulated, food-grade and FDA approved stainless steel. It also features double walls.

It has an auto temperature detection, which is one of the reasons why it is a top pick. The bottle will give you accurate indicators of the temperature of your drink so that you will never have to burn your tongue. A red indicator on the LCD HD touchscreen tells you to wait while a yellow light tells you to drink with caution.

A green light indicates your drink is at the correct temperature.

Sguai will provide reminders to take water throughout the day. It is leak and dust-proof and will isolate any odors such that your water remains fresh and safe for drinking.

A nice addition is a rubberized bottom that allows you to set the bottle easily on a flat desk. This also means it will not tip over or produce a clanking sound when placed alongside other metallic bottles.

Setup and Performance

Sguai does not track the amount of water you take. Contrarily, you only need to charge up the bottle, and you will be ready to receive reminders and know the temperature of your drinks.

To charge the bottle, you need to pull out the rubber insulation on the inside of the cap. Luckily, it is a magnetic charging port that makes it easy to attach to the Magtag cool auto smart charging pad.

Stuff to Consider

Sguai is quite basic. Without an app, you cannot tell how you take your water over time. It also has a 13.5-ounce capacity, which means frequent refills before you reach the recommended daily intake.

The following is a summary of the main pros and cons of using the Pyrus Smart Cup

  • It gives reminders with a loud beep
  • Accurately tells the temperature of drinks
  • It allows the setting of a personal alarm
  • Made of vacuum-insulated stainless steel
  • Comes with a rubberized bottom for traction on surfaces
  • It does not have hand grips so it can slide when your hands are wet
  • It lacks water tracking abilities to give a full picture over time

It is simple and functional, and that’s what most people want in a smart water bottle. The ability to offer accurate reminders is exceptional on the Sguai. The temperature indicator allows you to depend on it when you need it the most.

6. Moikit Cuptime2 – Designed for Style

Best Smart Water Bottle Review in 2020-2021-10TechPro

The following is a summary of pros and cons to expect for using Moikit Cuptime2

  • The bottle is easy to utilize whether all alone or together with a cell phone.
  • The Moikit Cuptime2 is good with most working frameworks, for example, Android and iOS.
  • The design style of the smart water bottle is great.
  • The bottle is costly.

7. H2 Sport Chrome Hydrogen Generator Water Bottle with PEM Dual Chamber Technology

Best Smart Water Bottle Review in 2020-2021-10TechPro

H2 Sport White Hydrogen Generator Water Bottle is highly re-commanded because in nowadays health is most necessary in this busy work schedule. let’s see its best features of this smart water bottle along with pros and cons.

About the H2 Sport White Hydrogen Generator Water Bottle

  • It has inbuilt PEM technology which makes your water safer from bacteria and any other impurities.
  • This is automatically separate hydrogen, chlorine, and ozone from water in add H2 in water for better drinking experience.
  • the best choice for sports persons just because of its PEM dual chamber technology.
  • Water capacity is about 350 ml with highly concentrated hydrogen with 5 min cycle time.

The following is a summary of Homecube Intelligent Induction Drinking Cup

  • It is self H2 generates for high concentrated water containing smart water bottle.
  • It alerts you before dehydration interval comes.
  • The high build quality of the water bottle.
  • The automatic impurities removal system is available.
  • Water containing capacity is lower the other.
  • Price would be higher the other bottle but affordable comparer to its amazing features.
  • Not easy to portability.

8. The Hidrate Spark 2.0 – The All-Purpose Smart Water Bottle

Best Smart Water Bottle Review in 2020-2021-10TechPro

Overview of Features

  • Gorgeous design
  • Simple functionality
  • Great companion app that works the way it should.
  • No charging needed.
  • The bottle is expensive.

9. Gululu Smart Water Bottle & Health Tracker – The Best Interactive Choice For A Kid

Best Smart Water Bottle Review in 2020-2021-10TechPro

Kids also need to learn to drink water often. But, if they don’t do it yet, you may want to involve the Gululu interactive water bottle.

Design Features

The first thing you and your child will notice is a cute Tamagotchi virtual pet on the window of the bottle. After the adorable Tamagotchi, you will probably notice the rubberized bottle that allows for easy carrying. When sipping on the water, the pet will growl and awaken the virtual underwater world of the bottle.

It is exciting to see that kids can drink more, just to play and get rewards from their pet. Not to mention that two kids can shake their Gululu bottles next to each other so that the pets can become friends and start playing together.

It is a fun-filled game that adds up to the bottom line, which is your kid drinking more water. The bottle comes with a charging mat that allows it to charge wirelessly. Gululu will last for about three days on a full charge.

You will also like the easy-to-clean spout that is indicative of the simplicity to achieve a hygienic bottle amidst active kids. The bottle is waterproof, so no external liquids can get in if it is dropped in pools and puddles.

Setup and Performance

Gululu has a companion app that allows you to set your kid’s hydration goals. The sensors in the bottle relay information about your child’s fluid intake. This app will work with both iOS and Android devices, so no one is left out.

We particularly like that the app will automatically update when the bottle is charging. Every update brings with it new characters with different skills to keep kids interested. You know how fast pets become boring in the eyes of children, so new pets are a welcome update.

Stuff to Consider

This bottle is pricey when you have more than one kid. It can be upwards of $400 if you have three kids. The noise controls are also not ideal since you will find even the lowest setting, which is the school mode, quite noisy.

The following is a closer look at the main pros and cons of the Smart Water Bottle Cup

  • Reinforces healthy water drinking habits in kids
  • The interactive virtual pet is fun to play with
  • Easy to track water intake on the app
  • Updates every night on the charging pad
  • Battery lasts up to three days
  • Durable and waterproof construction
  • Heavier than most kids’ bottles
  • It is quite pricey

Gululu takes gamification to a whole new level. It is an interactive smart bottle that motivates kids to drink more water every single day. It is creative, fun, and with a simple initial setup. Seeing that it updates on a daily basis, it is going to be exciting day in day out as kids will not get bored of the same pet.

1. Hidrate Spark Steel Smart Water Bottle

This smart water bottle from Hidrate Spark is said to be the smartest water bottle. The body is made of stainless steel with vacuum insulation. This feature of its body keeps the drink inside cold for an extended period of almost 24 hours. There are some other bottles that offer the same. But in order to this offer, the wall of the bottles sweat. However, it is not the case for Hidrate Spark steel smart water bottles. They do not sweat like other bottles, allowing a pure taste of water.

There are two variations in its lids. Both of them have a protective spout cover that keeps out germs and dirt. The Chug lid features a button lock that prevents accidental spills of the drink inside. These bottles are 100% free of BPA. They include a rechargeable battery that is easy to access. These batteries are at the bottom of these bottles. Fast charging cables are available with these bottles to ensure that the bottles stay charged on the way. The upgraded version of this bottle includes an improved sensor technology. This sensor technology has been clinically proven through Mayo Clinic trials to show results accurate within 3% of the manual reading.


  • Sensor technology to track the actual water intake
  • Highly effective synchronization
  • Glowing LEDs remind the user to stay on track
  • Can be used as smart gifts to friends and family
  • Available application for both Android and iOS
  • Easy-to-access rechargeable battery

2. ICEWATER 3-in-1 Smart Stainless Steel Water Bottle

This is a sound-based smart water bottle. With high-innovation in its design, the bottle has been earned the respect of its users. The modular design of this bottle makes it easier to clean after use. ICE WATER 3-in-1 smart stainless steel water bottle has so much to offer. Besides being a high-class smart water bottle, it offers a Bluetooth speaker and dancing lights. When put on wooden tables, the speakers produce a strong bass. A special resonance function works behind it.

To get reminders about drinking at a regular interval, you do not need to connect Bluetooth or to do any particular settings. The 1 Hour Glows to remind you at a regular interval itself. Let’s say you are in a class or office room, where playing music is forbidden. In that case, you can turn off the music. The bottle will only glow then without playing any music. You can also turn on and off the Bluetooth based on your necessity. With its glorious look, it can be a nice gift for all.


  • Double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel
  • Keeps water hot for 12 hours while keeps it cold for 24 hours
  • Made of 18/8 food-grade stainless steel
  • The bottles are 100% BPA-free
  • The wireless portable Bluetooth speaker offers 360-degree sound
  • The loud and clear sound makes it entertaining and purposeful for parties, yoga and gym sessions, beach time, at the shower, outdoor camping, etc.
  • The dancing light mode makes the lights dance to music

3. Hidrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle

Hidrate Spark 3 smart water bottle is the most desired smart water bottle out there. If you prefer visual reminders, which most people do, this smart bottle is the perfect choice for you. This light-up bottle from Hidrate will keep you hydrated with its amazing visual reminders. There is a sensor stick that works for hydration levels. It tracks the amount of water you are drinking and syncs it to your mobile app.

Moreover, the bottle creates a hydration goal customized specially for you. It does so by tracking your regular water intake and your personal details, fitness activity, and the climate of your location. The Hidrate Spark 3 can sync with both iOS and Android devices. Through this connection, they offer you the required fitness tracking. This bottle also offers customization of reminder frequency and different light patterns. The easy-to-carry finger loop makes it a perfect choice for gym-goers. However, the bottle is suitable only for cold water, no hot liquids or fruit juices.


  • BPA-free bottle
  • 20 ounces capacity
  • Durable silicone sleeve and easy-to-carry finger loop
  • CR123A battery, which is replaceable
  • Easy synchronization with both iOS and Android devices
  • Option for different light patterns
  • Customization of reminder frequency
  • A particular Hidrate app makes hydration easier
  • A hydration sensor stick, tracking the amount of water intake

4. 316 Medical Grade Stainless Steel Sports Water Bottle

The term medical-grade says quite much about the water bottle. Some bottles leave a rust or metal taste. However, this is not the case for 316 medical grade stainless steel sports water bottle. It does not leave either rust or a metal taste. A regular food grading system refers to an 18/8 scale. However, this smart water bottle has an insulated body that outperforms the regular 18/8 food grading scale. The bottle features an anti-scald design. That means, when you slightly touch the lid of the cup, it displays the current water temperature of the bottle.

Another mentionable feature is its dual walls. The dual walls have a premium coating of copper on the exterior part of the inner wall. These dual-walls ensure long-term holding of temperature. With its wall and body structure, it offers up to 24 hours of keeping cold and up to 12 hours of keeping hot. This smart water bottle has got the advantage of being 100% leak-proof. The silicone rubber on each of the lids ensures that there is no leak and no plastic smell. Besides, it is easy to clean. The package includes a cup brush that offers easy washing.


  • Offers anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance
  • Anti-scald design let you touch the cup lid slightly, displaying the current water temperature
  • It offers a long-time holding of temperature
  • 100% BPA-free
  • Suitable for daily use, hiking, camping, running, etc.

5. HYDRA Tech Bottle – 5W Bluetooth Speaker

Water bottles have seen their highest upgrade in this high-tech smart water bottle. We use water bottles, especially on our tours and travels. However, in most cases, tourist spots do not allow tourists to bring cameras or other tech-products. The HYDRA tech bottle might be the solution for this. The manufacturer company has combined many essential features in a simple water bottle like this. You get a 5W powerful Bluetooth speaker. Besides, there is a microphone that allows hand-free connection, an LED light that flashes red for emergency situations, and bike-riding during the night. The LED light flashes bright white for camping and picnic purposes.

You may think that we are done saying the exceptional features, but we are not. The HYDRA tech bottle has a hidden chamber. You can stash your small valuable items there. Sounds of ocean surf while going to bed at night will improve your sleep for sure. The tech bottle also offers sounds of summer rain, beach bonfire, or camping crickets, which will surely lull you to sleep. These are just some of the special features of the tech bottle. You will get the 600 ml bottle as well, not to mention.


  • So many tech-features combined in a single, smart water bottle
  • 4000 mah backup battery ensures that you do not need to charge the bottle on your way
  • Hidden chamber to stash small valuables
  • A large 20 oz water bottle that contains up to 600 ml
  • Lucrative design and lighting feature
  • 5W powerful Bluetooth speaker
  • Makes drinking water fun

6. LifeFuels Smart Bottle – Water and Healthy Beverage Infuser with Tracking App

This bottle is said to be the first nutrition bottle in the history of the world. Staying hydrated was never easier. You just need to touch a button or swipe the app. And voila! You will get a flavored beverage with additional nutrients. This bottle has an envious battery backup level that serves you for four consecutive days. You can get almost 90 beverages from the three pods. However, the bottle holds 16.9 fl oz, i.e., 500 ml, while some other bottles can hold more than 600 ml. But if you do not have a problem with the amount, this bottle is the perfect choice for you.

The distinctive feature of this bottle is the nutrition pods they offer. Hence the name ‘nutrition bottle.’ These pods contain several natural flavors, vitamins, and various essential nutrients. Each of the pods has 30 shots, with which you can make up to 30 beverages at your preference. The LifeFuels app from the manufacturer company is another lucrative feature of this bottle. With this app, you will get actionable insights. The app allows you to set hydration goals and track them. You can also customize the strength and flavor of the beverages.


  • The first smart nutrition bottle of the world
  • Offers personalized beverages with its 3 pods full of vitamins and nutrients
  • Through the beverages, ensures sufficient energy, electrolytes, etc. of daily need
  • The hydration tracking is elevated than the regular smart bottles
  • Combining the pods will help create customized beverages

7. Motivational Water Bottle with Time Marker

As the name suggests, the bottle much helps in one’s motivation. How does the bottle do it? It shows unique motivational lines. The next great feature of this product is its fitting body. While most smart water bottles have a broader body, the body of this bottle is comparatively slim. As a result, it fits in any backpack pocket, even in a cup holder of a car. The bottles feature a refill reminder, which reminds you when the drink level is low. The anti-spill design ensures that no water or beverage is wasted. Besides, you can open the bottle with just one hand.

A common complaint that people make about water bottles is the leakage problem. However, the best smart water bottles offer a magnificent leak-proof system. This bottle is no different. It offers triple leakage protection, protecting the drinks inside the bottle. There is a removable carrying strap that attaches the lid with the rest of the bottle. You can detach the lid through this carrying strap. There is a hole on the lid that ensures fast flow. The mouth of the bottle is quite wide and comfortable. This bottle is the perfect choice for the gym, cycling, yoga, traveling, camping, driving, etc.


  • Motivational lines
  • Features a time marker, making it a unique of its kind
  • Highly durable body
  • 100% BPA-free
  • Removable carrying strap and one-open click makes it easy to use
  • A perfect choice for sportspeople

8. Thermos 24 Ounce Hydration Bottle with Connected Smart Lid

The ‘Thermos’ brand has been around for a while now. Since the beginning, this brand has managed to maintain no-compromise with quality. No doubt, their smart water bottles will be among the best ones. Insulation is one of the most primary requirements of a water bottle. Hence, Thermos ensured insulation at first. With the insulation of their bottles, the water or drink in the bottle remains the same cold or hot for a long time, sometimes for almost 24 hours. Thermos did not end their job with the regular insulation. They ensured an insulation vacuum as well. This vacuum creates an airless space that virtually eliminates the temperature change and convection process.

Before using not only this bottle but each and every water bottle, make sure to wash the bottle with warm, soapy water. This will make sure that your bottle works fine. The bottle connects to the THERMOS Smart Lid app. Through this app, you get notifications and reminders. You can customize your hydration goals or other technical settings as well. Thermos smart water bottle offers a real-time temperature reading of the beverage. Besides, the bottle measures the water intake level and sends notifications accordingly.


  • Made of Tritan material
  • Provides real-time temperature readings
  • Calculates hydration goal based on personal data
  • The battery life is up to 12 days
  • Records the progress and shows it as charts and graphs

9. Sportline HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle

The Sportline HydraCoach intelligent water bottle really works as a coach- not for your game, but for your health and fitness. We all know how important drinking water is. But still, we fail to manage sufficient drinking water. All the smart water bottles are manufactured based on this theme. However, not all of them can ensure the same. While most of the smart bottles show the level of water intake, very few measure the hydration needs of an individual. This smart bottle is the opposite. It calculates the personal hydration needs of an individual and sends notifications based on that.

The bottle does not stop at measuring your needs. It also ensures that you are on track to reach your needs. To ensure that, it tracks the amount of fluid you consumed throughout the day. If the intake amount is less than required, it motivates you to drink more water. The smart water bottle also keeps records of your daily water intake. These records then help the bottle through a mobile app to determine the individual hydration needs. Another important feature that this bottle offers and other bottles do not is time-elapse. Through its features, it refreshes you and keeps you on track with your performance.


  • Calculates individual hydration needs
  • Tracks the fluid intake throughout the day
  • Motivates to keep hydrated
  • The bottle has enhanced strength and endurance capability
  • Provides time elapsed

10. LIZ 16 oz – Smart Bottle – Black

This bottle is another smart bottle of surgical grade on this list. It offers vacuum insulation. Regular insulation ensures that the coldness or hotness of the beverage inside is constant. But vacuum insulation gives more. It works as a separator between the environment and the wall of the bottle that the beverage is in contact with. Like some of the other smart water bottles, it also features a leak-proof lid. The LED indicator is another significant feature of this smart bottle. This bottle offers some smart functions like sterilization of the water and the bottle. Undoubtedly, it is an important criterion to ensure safety.

Like other smart water bottles in this list, it also gives hydration reminders at a regular interval. The LED indicator shows the temperature range- cold, warm, or hot. Another uncommon feature of this smart bottle is the warning at low battery. Although it is common for smart devices, most of the smart water bottles do not have this feature. Lid opening dictator is yet another smart feature that you will find rare. The stainless steel body makes it quite strong.


  • Comes with a rechargeable lithium battery
  • Standard cup holder size
  • The battery life is 1 month on average
  • Vacuum insulated stainless steel body of surgical grade
  • 100% BPA-free
  • Plastic lid with a leak-proofing mechanism

A Comprehensive Guide To Buying The Best Smart Water Bottle In 2020- 2021

How to Choose the Best Smart Water Bottles?

As we already mentioned, all smart water bottles feature some unique features. Before buying just any smart water bottle, think about the features you want and are looking for in the bottles. Besides, lifestyle also affects one’s pursuit of this.

Establish your need: Suppose you are the type of person who does not drink sufficient water. What you need is notifications at a regular interval. For that, look for smart water bottles that show notifications through various media- email through mobile apps, light, vibration, sound, etc.

Look for brands: As a growing trend, more companies are involving themselves with smart water bottles. In this huge crowd, you need to find the actual brands that work on smart water bottles. Besides, this is a matter of health and fitness, and you obviously do not want to mess with these.

Value the reviews from previous users: There are some things that are worth viewing reviews, and there are things that are not. Smart water bottles fall in the first category. The possibility is much higher than products with good reviews actually serve better. You can also lookup for reviews from experts. It will help you get an expert opinion on that particular product.

Go for easy synchronization: Smart water bottles are just another means of smart tech products. To get the best out of it, you will need to synchronize it with your other smart products like phone, TV, or tab. While buying a smart water bottle, check if that bottle synchronizes easily with your other devices. However, there are some bottles that synchronize with a specific type of device. While buying, make sure that you know that.

Buy the affordable ones: Although we are discussing it last, it might be the most important factor to consider. Like other tech products at their beginning, smart water bottles are quite costly. In the huge variety of smart water bottles, you cannot afford most of them. If you can, that is good. But there are always some bottles that you can afford. Go for those. Also, make sure that you understand the term “afford.” It does not refer to the cheapest one. Instead, it refers to the one that has all the features you need at an affordable price.

Best Smart Water Bottle Review in 2020-2021-10TechPro

Which Features Make the Water Bottles Smart?

The smart bottle serves the basic purpose of containing a drink as that of the regular water bottle. But, as we say smart, it surely features something distinctive that makes it smart. Based on the price and what the company offers, the features of a smart water bottle may vary. However, the basic features of a smart water bottle are almost the same. Here are some of those features.

Sensor technology: The primary-most purpose of a smart water bottle is to ensure hydration. In order to ensure that, it must have information about your water intake. For this purpose, a smart water bottle features a sensor technology through which it measures the water intake of the person. This feature is an essential one for a water bottle to be smart.

Drinking reminders: To ensure the required level of hydration, the bottle reminds the person to drink water at a regular interval through the mobile app. Some bottles also show reminders for when to fill up the bottle.

Daily hydration statistics: This feature measures the level of water already taken and how much more to take. Based on the statistics, it then sends reminder notifications and set goals.

These three are the essential features of a smart water bottle. However, some other features that a smart bottle may have are- freshness timers, temperature sensors, etc.

Best Smart Water Bottle Review in 2020-2021-10TechPro

FAQs of The Smart Water Bottles in 2020-2021

Are smart water bottles safe?

Absolutely safe. Smart water bottles are quite a new invention compared to other smart techs. As with most of the new tech products, it also faced some criticism of the same. However, smart water bottles are much safer than other products of the same category. The electronics are housed completely away from the water itself so there is no shock risk and your data will not be shared around without your permission if that is a concern for you.

Do Smart water bottles have BPA?

The best smart water bottle list you’re looking at here isn’t going to have any bottles that have BPA in them. The companies making these products know that if you’re the kind of person that wants to be healthy and hydrated, you definitely don’t want any BPA in your life. Therefore, this list (and these products) are BPA free!

Are smart water bottles worth buying?

At first, you have to understand that smart water bottles are not a basic need; drinking water is. Smart water bottles just help in the process. If you are a person with a concern for health and fitness, smart bottles are really worth it. But if you are not, it might not be that big of a help.

Are smart water bottles the same as regular bottles?

The smart water bottles serve the basic purpose of regular bottles and more. Some of them work as a free-hand speaker, while some of them even include a microphone. Some of them send notifications through glowing lights, and some of them send notifications through various soothing sounds. Furthermore, some of them help you to have better sleep with their relaxing music. In a word, smart water bottles are smart devices in the shape of water bottles.

Final Thoughts

The current world is facing a series of attacks from diseases. In this horrible situation, drinking adequate water may be the only solution. Even if one is serious about one’s health, taking sufficient water becomes impossible. Reminders can be of help in that case. Is there a better way there to have a reminder with your water bottle? Besides, the athletes, gymnasts, and other fitness-related people need water intake at a regular interval. These best smart water bottles ensure that regular intake.

List of The Best Smart Water Bottle in 2020-2021

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