Before reading this review of the top 10 best smart water bottles, let me ask you a question. Have you ever imagined going a day without water? No doubt you could handle it at first. However, after a few hours, your thirst would eventually turn out to be unbearable. After all, they say that you can survive without food for weeks, but without water, you won’t last over a few days.

Simply put, water is life!

Drinking plenty of water has lots of benefits for your body, such as maintaining it properly hydrated, enhancing your mental function, as well as helping with weight loss. For that reason, experts suggest that you should drink 8 glasses or 2 liters of water per day.

Despite water being so healthy for all of us to be drinking, many people have trouble drinking enough water every single day. Either we merely take the time to calculate just how much water we’re drinking, or we simply end up giving into drinking less healthy drinks like soda, coffee, or fruit juices. Or possibly, we just simply forget about getting in our 8 glasses.

Thankfully, people are now able to take advantage of smart water bottles to help them get the suggested volume of daily hydration.

Smart water bottles do a lot more than simply keep your drink; they track consumption, can sync with certain fitness gadgets such as a Fitbit, as well as provide you with reminders during the day to drink more water.

You can find many smart water bottles to pick from. So, with that in mind, I’ve done most of the legwork and also have reviewed the best smart water bottle options.

Best Smart Water Bottle

To select the ideal smart water bottle, you need to know several things.

First of all, you should consider what you’ll be using your smart water bottle for. For example, if you want a water bottle to take with you while jogging, you might need to search for a model that can sync with a Fitbit or type of other exercise tracker.

Furthermore, when you spend lots of time outdoors or in places without a phone charging point, a smart water bottle with a power bank might be the better option. Having the additional power bank offers you an additional power source to charge your other devices.

To find the best smart water bottle, the most important factors to consider are:

The features. The aim is to select a smart water bottle that makes tracking your hydration target easy and guarantees high-quality .

The capability of the bottle to hold ample water and reminding the user. This factor is crucial in helping a user maintain their hydration goals and stay healthy all the time while they enjoy their favorite sport or on a hunt.

Durability is also essential when picking a smart water bottle. Here, I want to identify the pieces that are durable and guarantee high value for money.

List of The Top 10 Best Smart Water Bottle.

#PreviewModelRecommended Feature 
1Best Smart Water Bottle 2020 Reviews: The Buyer's Guide-10TechProBest Smart Water Bottle 2020 Reviews: The Buyer's Guide-10TechProICEWATER 3-in-1 Smart Water BottleWith great sound and light up system Check Price
2Best Smart Water Bottle 2020 Reviews: The Buyer's Guide-10TechProBest Smart Water Bottle 2020 Reviews: The Buyer's Guide-10TechProThe Hydrate Spark 2.0The All-Purpose Smart Water BottleCheck Price
3Best Smart Water Bottle 2020 Reviews: The Buyer's Guide-10TechProBest Smart Water Bottle 2020 Reviews: The Buyer's Guide-10TechProThree Drops of Life 64oz Hydration Tracking Large Sports Water Bottle The Largest Smart Water BottleCheck Price
4Best Smart Water Bottle 2020 Reviews: The Buyer's Guide-10TechProBest Smart Water Bottle 2020 Reviews: The Buyer's Guide-10TechProGululu Smart Water Bottle & Health TrackerThe Best Interactive Choice For A KidCheck Price
5Best Smart Water Bottle 2020 Reviews: The Buyer's Guide-10TechProBest Smart Water Bottle 2020 Reviews: The Buyer's Guide-10TechProHydra Tech BottleThe Fitness PartnerCheck Price
6Best Smart Water Bottle 2020 Reviews: The Buyer's Guide-10TechProBest Smart Water Bottle 2020 Reviews: The Buyer's Guide-10TechProSportline Hydracoach Intelligent Water BottleThe Smart Bottle for AllCheck Price
7Best Smart Water Bottle 2020 Reviews: The Buyer's Guide-10TechProBest Smart Water Bottle 2020 Reviews: The Buyer's Guide-10TechProThermos Hydration Bottle with Connected Smart Lid The iPhone Smart BottleCheck Price
8Best Smart Water Bottle 2020 Reviews: The Buyer's Guide-10TechProBest Smart Water Bottle 2020 Reviews: The Buyer's Guide-10TechProSguai by Maxtron 13.5 oz Water BottleThe Best Smart water Bottle For Its Money Check Price
9Best Smart Water Bottle 2020 Reviews: The Buyer's Guide-10TechProBest Smart Water Bottle 2020 Reviews: The Buyer's Guide-10TechProMoikit Cuptime2Designed for StyleCheck Price
10Best Smart Water Bottle 2020 Reviews: The Buyer's Guide-10TechProBest Smart Water Bottle 2020 Reviews: The Buyer's Guide-10TechProHomecube 40ml Intelligent Induction Drinking CupSimple but EffectiveCheck Price

Check out our thorough and honest reviews of the top 10 best smart water bottles.

1. Hydra Tech Bottle  The Fitness Partner

Best Smart Water Bottle 2020 Reviews: The Buyer's Guide-10TechPro

The first item on our list is the Hydra Smart Bottle. The device not only acts as a water container, but as I will demonstrate below, it serves a number of other purposes, such as providing you with entertainment on the go.

Hydra Tech Bottle Design and Features

Lets first take a look at the design. This smart water bottle is made of high quality plastic so it’s light and durable. The “bottle” part is clear so you can easily see how much water is in it. I hate filling up water bottles that are not transparent – I always overfill and spill the water all over the place so this is a huge plus in my book! It also fits standard cup holders, backpack, and water bottle holders on bikes!

Bluetooth Speaker & Speakerphone

The features of this water bottle are elegantly integrated with the design so let’s start at the top. The top of the water bottle can pop off and has extendable legs so you can remove it and use it as a cool speaker to jam out to your favorite tunes. You don’t have to remove the lid to use the speakers, you can play music with the lid attached and the sound quality is fantastic. The speaker also has a auxiliary port and a Mirco-USB port for charging. 

I think that this speaker design is especially great for bikers! Wearing earphones when you ride can be very dangerous so now you can play your favorite music and still be aware of your surroundings when you ride! 

Not only can your new water bottle function as a sound system but you can active the microphone and use it as a speakerphone. 

Hydra Tech Bottle Lights

While we are on the topic of bike safety I also want to mention that Hydra Tech Bottle has LED lights embedded on the bottom. When you fill u your bottle and switch on the lights the entire thing glows and changes colors. Put this water bottle in your bike’s water bottle holder and you will be much more noticeable to others on the road, especially if you are cycling at night!

The light in this smart bottle can also be used as a lantern if you are out hiking/camping or if your power goes out. 

Hydra Smart Bottle Power Bank and Storage

If those features weren’t enough, the Hydra Tech Water Bottle also has a 4,000m Ah power bank. This should be enough to change the average smart phone not once but twice! This bottle features a hidden little storage compartment that you can use to hold your keys, money, or other small valuables. 


  • BPA Free
  • Has App – to control lighting and effects
  • Many color options
  • Hidden Storage
  • Non-spill lid 
  • Low battery indicator
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Speakerphone capabilities
  • Light features


  • Only holds 20oz of water.
  • It doesn’t remind you to drink water or track your water intake.

Although the bottle does not have the consumption recommendation capability, its other features are pretty impressive. I am especially impressed by the lighting that helps change the mood to your immediate environment to encourage the owner to continue working out.

If you are looking for a great bottle that works fine without the water consumption tracking capabilities, I would recommend the Hydra Tech Bottle.


2. Sportline Hydracoach Intelligent Water Bottle – The Smart Bottle for All

Best Smart Water Bottle 2020 Reviews: The Buyer's Guide-10TechPro

If you take a closer look at the common argument that every person should consume eight glasses of water every day, you will realize that it’s inaccurate. Although it’s correct that you should drink a lot of water, the correct quantity to drink is dependent on a number of factors such as your weight, gender, height, and activity level.

The HydraCoach is actually pretty simple to explain.  Upon setting it up, you enter your body weight.  It divides that in half and gives you have the amount of water in ounces you should be consuming in a 24 hour period.  I roughly weigh around 150lbs. So I should be drinking 75 ounces of water a day.  Easy right?  There are three modes on the large and easy to read display.  The instruction manual will throw a ton of acronyms at you that you’ll immediately forget but it won’t matter.  These are the three modes:

  • Ounces Goal, Percentage Completed, Average Ounces Per Hour Consumed
  • Ounces Consumed, Current Running Time, Average Ounces Per Hour Consumed
  • Date & Time

There are three buttons on the water bottle: Mode, Setup, and Start/Stop/Reset.  All are very intuitive and easy to figure out.  The only thing that’s weird is that you can’t be on the Date/Time mode to Start, Stop or Reset the program.  The program runs for 24 hours from the time that you begin.  Each time you take a sip, the counter in the “CamelPak” type sipper counts how much you are consuming.  I usually kept the “Percentage Completed” mode running so I could see how close I was getting to my daily hydration goal.Getting to the goal was easy for me.  Everyday I went over 100%, and one day I reached over 160%.  Over drinking water is fine in moderation, but I wouldn’t recommend  drinking over 200%. 

You may think of the HydraCoach as being an annoying pest as you have other things to do with your day than pay attention to hydration needs, but it was like a fun game for me.  I never though of it as a chore and I always wanted to reach my goal.  The HydraCoach disassembles quickly for easy cleaning and should be done at least once a week.  I wouldn’t want to share this bottle with anyone as the nozzle requires you to put your teeth and mouth all over it.  And although the HydraCoach looks sporty, you don’t have to have an active lifestyle to maintain healthy body water stats.  I would recommend this water bottle to all age groups in every demographic in that proper water consumption is a vital part of everyday living.


  • Average consumption display: This helps show you your progress towards achieving your hydration goal.
  • Personal hydration calculator: The calculator automatically tells you the amount of water to consume based on your weight.
  • Soft silicone mouthpiece: This is crucial in making it easy to sip the water whether at work or during workouts.
  • Easy to use controls: The bottle has three key buttons: Mode, Setup, and Start/Stop/Reset. Once you set the bottle, it runs on a 24 hours basis and gives your consumption rate in percentage. For example, if the target is taking 80 ounces every day and you’ve already consumed 40 ounces, the bottle will indicate that you have only managed 50%.


  • The bottle is very easy to set up and use based on your personal attributes and goals.
  • A built-in calculator makes it easy to know the right water quantity to consume every day.
  • The bottle is made using BPA-free materials and does not pose any health risks to the user.


  • The bottle does not sync with other fitness devices such as Fitbit.
  • Needs thread markings for easy attachment.
  • Not Stainless Steel.

If you are looking for a simple, yet highly effective smart bottle to help you attain daily hydration goals, I would recommend this bottle.


3. Thermos Hydration Bottle with Connected Smart Lid  The iPhone Smart Bottle

Best Smart Water Bottle 2020 Reviews: The Buyer's Guide-10TechPro

Design and Features

The Thermos is a cylindrical 24-ounce container that comes in one of two translucent colors, black or teal. The lid for either color is white. It measures 10.6 by 3.1 by 3.1 inches (HWD), which is about the size of any standard water bottle. The bottle is made of BPA-free plastic and weighs 7.36 ounces when empty, and 1.87 pounds when full of water. There’s not much else to the design except for a Thermos logo near the bottom of the bottle, and on the side of the lid.

This would be just another plastic bottle if not for the Smart Lid. A latch is used to keep the clear plastic dome on top closed. An adjustable plastic loop hangs off the lid at the opposite end for carrying. Here you’ll also find a micro USB port for charging. The lid’s lithium polymer battery is good for up to 12 days of battery life. And considering there’s a battery in there, the lid is not meant for dishwashers; you’re best off cleaning the exterior with a dry cloth. It’s also worth mentioning that the Thermos is not meant for hot liquids.

The smart part is the tube you drink through, which has sensors that connect with the bottom of the lid. These sensors measure water temperature and how much you drink. The accompanying free app displays this information so you can monitor your drinking habits.

Pairing, App, and Performance

The Thermos only works with devices running iOS 7 or later, so Android users need not apply. To get started, you need to download the Thermos Smart Lid app from the Apple App Store. I connected the Smart Lid to an iPhone 6 in a few seconds without issue and performed a calibration test, in which I had to wipe the smart tube with a cloth.

Once paired, you can set up a new profile or connect the Smart Lid app to your Fitbit account if you have one. To complete your profile, you set up an intake goal by entering your age, gender, height, weight, and the daily average of minutes you’re active, as well as the activity intensity. The app will then suggest a number of ounces to reach as a daily drinking goal, or you can simply choose a goal for yourself. You can adjust these parameters at any time by tapping on the Profile tab.

On the app’s main screen, you’ll see one large circle with three smaller circles beneath it. The large circle shows the water temperature and indicates how much is left. A snowflake icon at the top indicates whether the water is cold or not. The circles below tell you the number of ounces you’ve consumed, the total number of minutes since the bottle’s last refill, and the number of sips you’ve taken. Each of these numbers reset every time you refill the water bottle.

Below the circles is a progress bar that displays how far along you are toward reaching your daily goal. Beneath that bar is each instance you have refilled the bottle. And at the very bottom of the screen you can tap to view your weekly or monthly activity, complete with graphs for each day, week, or month. You can share all of this information to email or social media by tapping a Share icon at the top of the screen. You can also view your current location and weather info in the upper left corner. A Device Settings page, accessible via an icon in the upper right corner, shows you how much battery life the lid has left, and your total number of refills. You can also rename the bottle here.

As mentioned, info from the Smart Lid app will automatically sync to your Fitbit app each time you finish a bottle of water. In testing, the Fitbit app often needed to be restarted for the Smart Lid’s water data to appear. The Fitbit app displays the daily number of ounces you drink.


  • A lithium-ion rechargeable battery: The battery helps ensure that the bottle is powered to easily sync with Bluetooth and other fitness devices.
  • The hydration charts: These are analytics presented using graphs to demonstrate your progress towards your hydration goals.
  • USB port: The USB port is located at the back of the lid and allows you to easily charge and connect with fitness devices.

The following is a closer look at the main pros and cons of the Thermos Hydration Bottle with Connected Smart Lid to help you decide whether it is indeed the best choice for you.


  • The device is easy to use because it it syncs with devices such as Fitbits and smartphones.
  • You can easily establish the personal hydration requirement using the smart bottle’s calculator.
  • The bottle’s battery is very strong and can last for up to 12 days without requiring a recharge.


  • The bottle only works with devices using version iOS7 or later.

If you are looking for a smart water bottle that can act as a partner to ensure you hit your hydration goals, the Thermos Hydration Bottle with Connected Smart Lid is a great water bottle that syncs with Fitbit and other devices such as an iOS smartphone.


4. ICEWATER 3-in-1 Smart Water Bottle – With great sound and light up system

Best Smart Water Bottle 2020 Reviews: The Buyer's Guide-10TechPro

This is a unique choice of water bottle that mixes a reminder to stay hydrated with a bit of a light show and a music player.

BlueTooth Speaker
Beyond just being a smart water bottle, the IceWater is designed as a speaker, as well. This makes it a good choice for if you are working out or exercising. You can mix your portable speaker with your water bottle so that it all will work in one place. It is a BlueTooth speaker, so it will very easily connect to your phone.

Other Features
The BlueTooth speaker would be enough, but there is even more to be excited about with the IceWater. It also uses a very unique kind of lighting system so that you will get quite the light show when you are working out. It uses the same light system to remind you of when you need to get yourself another drink of water.

Cost and Value
for all the extra features that come with this bottle, it is actually one of the cheaper options on this list. This water bottle is better designed for someone who likes to take their water bottle to the gym. It will remain on to remind you that you should be drinking water, and then the effective speaker will do a good job of keeping you motivated to keep going.


  • Great price
  • Comes with a speaker
  • Lots of colors of lights
  • Good for motivation


  • Rudimentary drink reminder


5. Sguai by Maxtron 13.5 oz Water Bottle – The Best Smart Water Bottle For Its Money

Best Smart Water Bottle 2020 Reviews: The Buyer's Guide-10TechPro

For those out to get a functional and straightforward smart water bottle, we have our eyes on the Sguai by Maxtron. It will need recharging after a few days, but this is the only thing you have to contend with this bottle.

Design Features

Everything about the Sguai is cute and stylish. It is built from vacuum insulated, food-grade and FDA approved stainless steel. It also features double walls.

It has an auto temperature detection, which is one of the reasons why it is a top pick. The bottle will give you accurate indicators of the temperature of your drink so that you will never have to burn your tongue. A red indicator on the LCD HD touchscreen tells you to wait while a yellow light tells you to drink with caution.

A green light indicates your drink is at the correct temperature.

Sguai will provide reminders to take water throughout the day. It is leak and dust-proof and will isolate any odors such that your water remains fresh and safe for drinking.

A nice addition is a rubberized bottom that allows you to set the bottle easily on a flat desk. This also means it will not tip over or produce a clanking sound when placed alongside other metallic bottles.

Setup and Performance

Sguai does not track the amount of water you take. Contrarily, you only need to charge up the bottle, and you will be ready to receive reminders and know the temperature of your drinks.

To charge the bottle, you need to pull out the rubber insulation on the inside of the cap. Luckily, it is a magnetic charging port that makes it easy to attach to the Magtag cool auto smart charging pad.

Stuff to Consider

Sguai is quite basic. Without an app, you cannot tell how you take your water over time. It also has a 13.5-ounce capacity, which means frequent refills before you reach the recommended daily intake.

The following is a summary of the main pros and cons of using the Pyrus Smart Cup:


  • It gives reminders with a loud beep
  • Accurately tells the temperature of drinks
  • It allows the setting of a personal alarm
  • Made of vacuum-insulated stainless steel
  • Comes with a rubberized bottom for traction on surfaces


  • It does not have hand grips so it can slide when your hands are wet
  • It lacks water tracking abilities to give a full picture over time

It is simple and functional, and that’s what most people want in a smart water bottle. The ability to offer accurate reminders is exceptional on the Sguai. The temperature indicator allows you to depend on it when you need it the most.


6. Moikit Cuptime2 – Designed for Style

Best Smart Water Bottle 2020 Reviews: The Buyer's Guide-10TechPro

If you’ve been looking for a stylish smart water bottle, the Moikit Cuptime2 could be the answer. Moikit has made a name for itself with its emphasis on products that meet high customer value. Furthermore, the Moikit Cuptime2 is created with unique materials such as eco-friendly premium-Tritan.

The materials are also sanitized and made of BPA-free plastic. This helps guarantee users that the bottle can be used without risking the user’s health. Whether you want to use the bottle on a cold or hot day, the material will not denature and release any harmful chemicals into your water.

The design of the Moikit Cuptime2 is a culmination of years of research and refinement. When you place the bottle on the table, it looks like a designer cup and helps enhance a room’s aesthetics.

The most notable feature of Moikit Cuptime2 is the Moikit app that provides a healthy drinking plan based on your body composition, activity level, and ambient temperature. The app links with the bottle’s sensor so that you can follow the hydration target on your phone.  

One interesting thing that I noted about Moikit Cuptime2 is that it uses two methods of notifying you when to drink more water. One, the app installed on the phone can remind you the same way a phone alarm works. Two, the bottle also vibrates or emits a beeping sound to remind you when it’s time to drink.


  • An accurate temperature sensor: This feature helps warn the user when the water is too hot or when it’s at the right temperature to drink.
  • Compatibility with most fitness devices: Moikit Cuptime2 stands taller than others on this list such as the Pyrus Smart Cup in that it syncs with most fitness devices. It is an ideal water bottle that syncs with Fitbit, Jawbone, and Apple Healthkit.
  • The wireless charging ring: Moikit Cuptime2 development team believed that one of the crucial components of designing an electronic device is having a perfect charging experience. This is why they designed the wireless charging ring that makes charging easy and fast.

The following is a summary of pros and cons to expect for using Moikit Cuptime2:


  • The bottle is easy to use whether on its own or together with a smartphone.
  • The Moikit Cuptime2 is compatible with most operating systems such as Android and iOS.
  • The impressive design of the bottle makes it possible to carry it everywhere, including high-end meetings. This ensures that nothing can come between you and personal hydration goals.


  • The bottle is expensive. At Amazon, the cost is $163.83. However, the cost is justified in that you get a premium bottle that guarantees high customer value.

The Moikit Cuptime2 came out as a highly reliable bottle by synching with most fitness and health devices out there. I enjoyed the fact that I could use it on my favorite Apple Healthkit on weekends and Fitbit when working out on the treadmill after work.

Whether you are looking for a smart water bottle to use at work, when hiking, or during fitness training, this is one option I strongly recommend. 


7. Homecube 40ml Intelligent Induction Drinking Cup/ Bottle – Simple but Effective

Best Smart Water Bottle 2020 Reviews: The Buyer's Guide-10TechPro

The Homecube Intelligent Induction Drinking Cup is an amazingly designed bottle that comes with incredible features such as a long-life battery and is even sold at an affordable price.

Note that, unlike other companies, the Homecube package comprises of two separate water bottles. So, if the place you’re visiting might not have a supply of clean water, consider taking both cups along with you.

The bottles are designed using non-toxic materials that make it safe for water use without the risk of contamination. Homecube even opted to use heat-resistant borosilicate glass to help keep the water hot or cold depending on the user’s preference. The bottle reminds you to take water every two hours. It uses a remote sensor that allows you to set the alarm intervals by simply pressing a button on the handle.


  • Batteries to power the sensor: Unlike other smart water bottles that require a daily recharge, the batteries used on the Homecube Intelligent Induction Drinking Cup can last up to two months.
  • The bottle is available in four color variants: You can go for pink, blue, orange, or green depending on what looks stylish and matches with your lifestyle.
  • The temperature sensor: The sensor is located at the handle together with the remote sensor. If you are carrying a hot beverage such as coffee, the sensor warns you of the temperature to avoid burning your mouth.

The following is a summary of Homecube Intelligent Induction Drinking Cup:


  • The Homecube Intelligent Induction Drinking Cup is very easy to use by simply pressing the remote buttons on the handle.
  • Unlike other bottles that are designed for carrying water only, this 400 ml (13.5 oz) bottle can be used to carry any beverage including hot tea and coffee.
  • The battery used on the bottle can last a long time. This gives you peace of mind that the sensors will work correctly during the two months before a replacement is needed.


  • The bottle cannot sync with Bluetooth or other fitness devices such as Fitbit.

Homecube came out as an impressive bottle because of its unique features such as the temperature sensor and long-life batteries.

However, it lacks other key features such as Bluetooth capability that are present in other premium bottles such as the Moikit Cuptime 2. Despite the shortcomings, I would strongly recommend this bottle for those who want to take more water on a budget.


8. The Hidrate Spark 2.0 – The All-Purpose Smart Water Bottle

Best Smart Water Bottle 2020 Reviews: The Buyer's Guide-10TechPro

Overview of Features

The Hidrate Spark is a stylish smart water bottle available in five color options ranging from black & white to purple and green. It has a frosted glass finish and a faceted texture that makes the bottle easy to hold without its surface having to be rough. The lid fits tightly and conceals a round drinking spout for easier sips on the go. The most recognizable element of the bottle’s design is its light. You can set this to glow whenever you’re low on fluids, when you’ve reached your daily goal, or to remind you to drink occasionally.

Setting the Hidrate Spark up involves confirming that its sensor stick is attached correctly, ensuring there’s an airtight seal, and syncing it with the Hydrate app. The stick is where the Spark gets its data from – it is outfitted with a humidity sensor and accelerometers. It knows precisely how much you’ve drunk, provided you set the bottle down on a flat surface to rest for ten seconds after each sip. This data is then transferred to the app every time you’re in Bluetooth range.

The Hidrate app is fantastic both design-wise and in terms of functionality. It has a soothing blue background that contrasts with data on daily or weekly water intake in white. The dashboard is occupied by a circle which shows your daily hydration goal and slowly fills up as you drink throughout the day. You can also check out how you’ve been doing on a weekly or monthly basis, or even compete with other Spark owners in maintaining your goals.

Another advantage of the Hidrate app is that it syncs to all popular fitness apps like Apple Health or Fitbit. This helps the app calculate your daily water intake based on your activity level and relays water consumption information to the fitness app, so it has more complete metrics. You don’t need to sync to a fitness app for the spark to determine an optimum daily water intake if you enter gender, age, weight, and activity levels manually. You’re also able to adjust the recommended daily intake if you find it is unrealistic.


  • Gorgeous design
  • Simple functionality
  • Great companion app that works the way it should.
  • No charging needed.


  • The bottle is expensive. However, the cost should not tip the scales against it because it comes with a range of top-of-the-line features such as compatibility with most devices such as Android and iOS smartphones.

The Hidrate Spark smart bottle came out as a stylish and reliable option to help you meet your hydration goals easily. The bottle’s capability to sync with fitness devices has made it stand out from others such as the Thermos Hydration Bottle with Connected Smart Lid that only works with iOS devices.

Though the price is relatively high, this is a great smart bottle that you should consider in order to meet your personal hydration goals. 


9. Three Drops of Life 64oz Hydration Tracking Large Sports Water Bottle – The Largest Smart Water Bottle

Best Smart Water Bottle 2020 Reviews: The Buyer's Guide-10TechPro

When you read through most of the water bottles discussed in this list, their volumes range from 250 ml (8.5 oz) to 750 ml (25.4 oz). Generally, the smaller the bottle, the more you’ll have to regularly refill the bottle to maintain your hydration goals.

Therefore, one question that keeps coming up is: “Is there a bigger smart water bottle that one can use for a number of hours?”

The answer to the above question is the Three Drops of Life 64oz Hydration Tracking Large Sports Water Bottle. This is one of the largest smart bottles on our list and can hold up to 1800 ml (64 oz) of water. Therefore, you won’t need to keep dashing from the gym or workspace to refill your bottle.

The design of the bottle features consumption trackers marked directly on the bottle. The bottle is marked from the top (the point where the water level should be after filling it). Subsequent marks indicate where the water level should be at 9 AM, 11 AM, and 1 PM. Therefore, you’re supposed to drink and ensure the water levels hit the marks for the different time frames until it is empty.

The bottle is designed with Tritan and BPA materials, which are non-toxic. Additionally, the bottle is very strong and transparent to make it easy for you to see through and tell whether your hydration goals are being met.


  • LARGEST MODEL – The latest and largest model of Three Drops of Life’s hydration tracker water bottles. Two fill up’s equal 128oz of your drink of choice.
  • SPECIAL DESIGN – Three curved grooves with custom lanyard for ease when on the go. This bottle will NOT fit into any normal size cup holders. The 32oz bottle fits that description.
  • THE SUPERIOR BOTTLE – Perfection Tritan, BPA Free material known to be Non-Toxic in nature. The premium quality with our outstanding customer service make this bottle a win-win.
  • HIGH CAPACITY HYDRATION – Transparent Co-polyester design for easy monitoring of your daily water allowance.

Here are the pros and cons of the Three Drops of Life smart bottle:


  • The large size of the bottle makes it easy to carry more water, especially when working away from clean water sources.
  • The design of the bottle is simplified to make it easy to follow. Simply check the marks and try to reach them at the inscribed time.
  • The bottle is very cheap. At only $32.95, you can afford to buy it and use it to achieve to your hydration goals.


  • The bottle is very large and does not fit in standard cup sizes.
  • It does not sync with other smart devices such as a smartphone.

I found this bottle very reliable because of its extra large water container. I was able to stay for a full day with this bottle without requiring a refill. Despite this, I found it less impressive because I had to keep looking at the bottle to know where the water level had reached.


10. Gululu Smart Water Bottle & Health Tracker – The Best Interactive Choice For A Kid

Best Smart Water Bottle 2020 Reviews: The Buyer's Guide-10TechPro

Kids also need to learn to drink water often. But, if they don’t do it yet, you may want to involve the Gululu interactive water bottle.

Design Features

The first thing you and your child will notice is a cute Tamagotchi virtual pet on the window of the bottle. After the adorable Tamagotchi, you will probably notice the rubberized bottle that allows for easy carrying. When sipping on the water, the pet will growl and awaken the virtual underwater world of the bottle.

It is exciting to see that kids can drink more, just to play and get rewards from their pet. Not to mention that two kids can shake their Gululu bottles next to each other so that the pets can become friends and start playing together.

It is a fun-filled game that adds up to the bottom line, which is your kid drinking more water. The bottle comes with a charging mat that allows it to charge wirelessly. Gululu will last for about three days on a full charge.

You will also like the easy-to-clean spout that is indicative of the simplicity to achieve a hygienic bottle amidst active kids. The bottle is waterproof, so no external liquids can get in if it is dropped in pools and puddles.

Setup and Performance

Gululu has a companion app that allows you to set your kid’s hydration goals. The sensors in the bottle relay information about your child’s fluid intake. This app will work with both iOS and Android devices, so no one is left out.

We particularly like that the app will automatically update when the bottle is charging. Every update brings with it new characters with different skills to keep kids interested. You know how fast pets become boring in the eyes of children, so new pets are a welcome update.

Stuff to Consider

This bottle is pricey when you have more than one kid. It can be upwards of $400 if you have three kids. The noise controls are also not ideal since you will find even the lowest setting, which is the school mode, quite noisy.

The following is a closer look at the main pros and cons of the Smart Water Bottle Cup:


  • Reinforces healthy water drinking habits in kids
  • The interactive virtual pet is fun to play with
  • Easy to track water intake on the app
  • Updates every night on the charging pad
  • Battery lasts up to three days
  • Durable and waterproof construction


  • Heavier than most kids’ bottles
  • It is quite pricey

Gululu takes gamification to a whole new level. It is an interactive smart bottle that motivates kids to drink more water every single day. It is creative, fun, and with a simple initial setup. Seeing that it updates on a daily basis, it is going to be exciting day in day out as kids will not get bored of the same pet.


A Comprehensive Guide To Buying The Best Smart Water Bottle  

When you set out looking for the ideal smart water bottle, it’s important to think about the the features you need. Here, the aim should be looking at the smart water bottle from the viewpoint of your lifestyle. The following is a guide on selecting the right smart water bottle for you.

Best Smart Water Bottle 2020 Reviews: The Buyer's Guide-10TechPro

Establish what you want from the bottle

This is probably the most important factor in determining the ideal smart water bottle for you. If you want a smart water bottle to help you remember when to take water, consider going for a model that uses multiple notifications such as sound, lights, and vibrations.

Go for the smart water bottle that is designed by top brands

As more companies enter the market to cash in on the growing demand for smart bottles, picking the right one can be a Herculean task. Therefore, it’s advisable to only consider buying from the brands that have demonstrated their commitment to quality.

Go for the bottle that easily syncs with your other devices

Do you have other devices that you want to sync with smart bottles? If the answer is “yes”, it’s important to pick a bottle that can sync and work with your specific devices. Here, you might need to be more specific. For example, if you have an iPhone, the bottle should be able to sync with iOS.

Look for the smart bottle that you can afford

If you are on a budget, it’s advisable to look for a smart bottle that matches your cash. Remember that this does not simply mean picking the cheapest option out there. Rather, you should go for a bottle with top features, like being able to track your hydration, that is offered at a lower price. Or, for example, consider shopping when stores are having clearing sales.

Best Smart Water Bottle 2020 Reviews: The Buyer's Guide-10TechPro

Which Features Make a Smart Water Bottle Smart?

There are a couple of features that define smart water bottles. Familiarize yourself with the following features, and you will be one step closer to enjoying your new purchase.

Display: Most of the time, you will see a display on the sides of a smart water bottle. The display serves to remind you when to drink. You will notice the display changing color when it’s time to drink. Some displays tell you the temperature of the water in the bottle, while the others will warn you if the water is stale.

Apps: Good smart bottles come with an app that you can use on your phone or a smartwatch. The apps can track your water intake, as well as reminding you to drink up. Some apps allow you to set daily hydration goals, which allows you to monitor your progress. If you are serious about changing your habits, look for a smart water bottle that comes with a useful app.

Bluetooth: Most of the good smart bottles come with Bluetooth, which they utilize in different ways. Some of the water bottles use Bluetooth to connect to different, supported smart devices. But, the best ones come with Bluetooth speakers that can play your favorite music or podcasts while you are running or riding a bicycle.

Basically, the features that contribute to a water bottle being smart are the ones that you can find in other similar devices. Smart displays that show valuable information, Bluetooth connectivity, and app integration. If a smart water display is missing one of the key features, it is still a smart device. But, the best smart water bottles come with all three of the features we have mentioned.

What Should I Look For in the best smart water bottle?

Before you commit to a purchase, think about how you want to use the smart water bottle, and where. Think about the way you lead your life. Are you constantly on the move? Do you enjoy extreme sports? Will you be using your smart water bottle only at home and work? Do you want to take it with you to the gym or on a bicycle ride?

Focus on the way you will be using your new smart water bottle, and you will know which of the following things you should look for.

Batteries: Smart water bottles need batteries to work. Some of the smart bottles utilize external batteries, while others use internal ones. Some batteries can work for only a couple of hours before they need to be recharged, while others can work for days. The features of a water bottle influence battery life. So, if you use the Bluetooth speakers, then the battery won’t last you a long time. On the other hand, if you plan to only use the display to remind you when to drink, then the battery might last you for a week or more.

Durability: Nobody wants to purchase a smart device only to have it break in a couple of days. So, look for a smart water bottle that can withstand a little bit of punishment. On the other hand, if you enjoy extreme sports, hiking, or cycling, then look for a sturdy water bottle. Most of the water bottles are made from glass, but there are some metal models that can withstand plenty of abuse.

Reminder types: Most, if not all smart water bottles have visual reminders. Whenever you need to drink water, the display will let you know by lighting up. Some water bottles combine the lights with an audible sound. So, if you happen to not notice visual reminders, then you might want to try audio reminders. Certain smart water bottles can vibrate, which can also be a decent reminder.

Other liquids: Bear in mind that you can use some smart water bottles as a thermos. Some models allow you to store coffee, tea, and other liquids. Note that you will have to clean those water bottles regularly. Our advice is to rinse your smart water bottles with vinegar. First, make sure that you can use your smart water bottle for liquids other than water.

Smart Water Bottle FAQs

What is a smart water bottle?

A smart water bottle is a portable water container that has the added benefits of being able to help you stay hydrated. The bottle will know when you haven’t been drinking enough water and will alert you when you need to be heading back to the well sooner rather than later. In this way, it helps you avoid dehydration and stay healthy throughout your days.

Do Smart water bottles have BPA?

The best smart water bottle list you’re looking at here isn’t going to have any bottles that have BPA in them. The companies making these products know that if you’re the kind of person that wants to be healthy and hydrated, you definitely don’t want any BPA in your life. Therefore, this list (and these products) are BPA free!

Are smart water bottles safe?

Absolutely safe. A smart water bottle is a genuinely great idea for getting you healthier by getting you enough water through every day. The electronics are housed completely away from the water itself so there is no shock risk and your data will not be shared around without your permission if that is a concern for you. Totally safe, very helpful!


To address the complexity associated with calculating the actual amount of water you need to take, this analysis demonstrated that going for the recommended eight glasses a day is not always enough. The solution is getting a smart water bottle that helps you calculate your specific hydration goals and achieve them.

The comprehensive analysis of the top 10 smart water bottle options on the market provides a reliable solutions to your hydration problems. Note that the bottles discussed above cut across a wide spectrum of features and prices to ensure you will not miss out on finding a match for your lifestyle.

To pick the ideal option, make sure to follow the comprehensive guide to buying the top smart water bottle for you. No matter the reason why you want a smart water bottle, make sure to only go for the best.