In the 21st century, technology has made excellent progress. Most importantly, the rapid advancement in Automobile technology is commendable. Electric vehicles are already running on the roads. It is a matter of the fact that conventional vehicles use petrol and diesel or gas as fuel. These fuel types are readily available on the petrol pumps by the road. However, for electric vehicles, there are just a few charging stations and electric vehicles can be charged using portable electric vehicle charging piles. To eliminate your confusion on how to pick up the best electric vehicle charging pile in 2022, we have highlighted the best ones along with a section on how to choose them.

List Of The Best Electric Vehicle Charging Pile

Let’s see what the features are given in the charging pile by various companies. Also, the advantages and disadvantages will be mentioned in this review. So, read this article and choose the best one that suits you the most. 

1. EVoCharge EVSE, Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Best Electric Vehicle Charging Pile: The Ultimate Review-10TechPro

It is a safe, reliable, and one of the best electric vehicle charging pile. This EVoInnovate EVSE model is manufactured by EVoCharge Company. It is compatible with all types of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Hence, no need to worry about charging stations. Install it in your home and charge the vehicle for an hour to get 25-35 miles range. Here are its features.

It comes in 4 variants—Non-WiFi 18 ft. charging cable and WiFi-enabled 18 ft. charging cable. Likewise, 25 ft. charging cable in non-WiFi and WiFi-enabled mode. All 4 variants have different prices. 


  • Electrical Features: Amperage – 32 Amp; Voltage – 240 Volts; Wattage – 7.68 KW
  • 18 ft. and 25 ft. long charging cables.
  • Compatible with most electric vehicles like BMW i3, Tesla, Nissan Leaf, Ford Fusion, Toyota Prius, and Chevy Bolt. 
  • Universal SAE J1772 plug.
  • Super-Fast Charging.
  • Tested for safety and security.
  • The output current can be regulated. 
  • Compact design that fits almost everywhere.
  • Indicator light to display the charging status.
  • 25-35 miles range per charge for 1 hour.
  • Comes in WiFi and non-WiFi models both.

Pros And Cons

  • Easy installation.
  • Safety certified and tested.
  • Compatible with a wide range of electric vehicles.
  • Gives a good mileage per hourly charge.
  • Longer charging cables are available.
  • Customized output. To clarify, the current output can be regulated.
  • WiFi-enabled charging pile.
  • Rated for indoor as well as outdoor charging.
  • No digital readout. Charging status is indicated by Green LED.

2. Grizzl-E Level 2 EV Charger

Best Electric Vehicle Charging Pile: The Ultimate Review-10TechPro

This electric vehicle charger is included in the list of the best electric vehicle charging pile because of its diverse features and advantages. United Chargers Company manufactures Grizzl-E. It comes with a 3-years warranty with full customer support, and it is also a portable charger. This makes it unique from other electric vehicle chargers. 

Moreover, Grizzl-E electric vehicle charger comes in 4 different variants with an effective price range. These 4 variants have two different types of plugs. So, let’s have a deep insight into its unique features.


  • 24 ft. long premium cable.
  • Universal J1772 plug.
  • 14-inch plug input cable.
  • Fast charging.
  • Regulated amperage. That is to say, the output can be customized. Adjust the current at 40A, 32A, 24A, or 16A as per requirement.
  • Water and Fire resistance. 
  • Indoor and Outdoor rated.
  • Transportable and easy to install with 14-50R outlet.
  • Safety: Protects against over-voltage, under-voltage, missing diode, ground fault, and over-temperature situations.
  • Heavy duty and compact design. As a result, it fits in almost every place, whether it is home or garage. 

Pros And Cons

  • It comes in 4 variants with two different types of plugs. So, options are available.
  • It can be used outdoor. Easily transportable.
  • Requires no expertise in installation.
  • Reliable and straightforward charging station.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Premium cable.
  • Used in typical and cold weather. The Avalanche and Extreme editions can be used in any weather.
  • No WiFi.
  • Single LED blinks or remains steady to indicate the different charging status which is a bit confusing.

3. Pulsar Plus Level 2 Electric Vehicle Smart Charger

Best Electric Vehicle Charging Pile: The Ultimate Review-10TechPro

The incredibly small size, powerful performance, and smart charging are some of the features that make this product worthy to be included in the list of the best electric vehicle charging pile. Pulsar plus Level 2 electric vehicle smart charger is designed with smart technology. That is to say, it can be wirelessly connected to smart devices using WiFi or Bluetooth. An application called myWallbox can control this product wirelessly.

Moreover, Pulsar plus smart charger has level 2 technology. To clarify, it charges the vehicle 7 times faster than the level 1 charging technology. Plenty of other astonishing features are there in this product. Let’s explore them all.


  • Electrical Specifications: Amperage: 40 Amp; Voltage: 240 Volts; Wattage: 9.6 KW
  • Smart connection using WiFi or Bluetooth.
  • Regulated using myWallbox application.
  • Customizable outputs from 16A to 40A.
  • Multiple electric vehicles can be charged simultaneously by connecting more than one Pulsar Plus to the same electrical circuit.
  • Works even if you don’t have the access to WiFi.
  • Voice Control: Control Pulsar Plus charger using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.
  • Universal connector type: Type 1 SAE J1772
  • 25 ft. long cable.

Pros And Cons

  • Power-sharing: Multiple EV charging.
  • Small-sized: Easily transported. Portable charger.
  • Smart connections: Controlled by WiFi or Bluetooth.
  • Level 2 charging technology.
  • Indoor as well as outdoor use.
  • Weighs only 18.52 pounds.
  • Easy to install.
  • Compatible with most electric vehicles.
  • NEMA Type 4 watertight enclosure.
  • Sometimes WiFi connection fails.

4. Megear Level 2 EV Charger

Best Electric Vehicle Charging Pile: The Ultimate Review-10TechPro

Megear EV charger comes in 4 different variants with extremely effective cost. This charger has a longer 25 ft. cable that can be extended outside the garage or home. Faster and safe charging with various plugs. It can charge 3 times faster than conventional chargers. 

In addition, Megear EV charger provides more protection than earlier versions of this charger. Also, it has water-resistant properties. Let’s see more features of this product. Its features will show why it is listed in the list of the best electric vehicle charging pile. 


  • Generation 2 electric charger.
  • NEMA 10-30 Plug input for safe charging.
  • 3 times faster charging.
  • Multiple protection: Protects from water, lightning, Ground detection, overheat, overvoltage, leakage. Also, it has flame resistance and overcurrent protection property.
  • Waterproof IP66 connector.
  • 12 months warranty with satisfactory customer team support.
  • Compatible with almost most electric vehicles.
  • Uses universal SAE J1772 plug.
  • Input: 240 Volts, 16A, 60Hz
  • Output: 3.84 KW, 240 Volts, 16A

Pros And Cons

  • Increased waterproof rating.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Portable charger.
  • Gives the mileage of 11 miles per one hour of charging.
  • Smaller in size.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Stops charging when the battery is full.
  • Works for a short time.

5. MUSTART Level 2 Portable EV Charger

Best Electric Vehicle Charging Pile: The Ultimate Review-10TechPro

MUSTART level 2 charger is an upgraded version with faster-charging speed and 100% customer satisfaction. It is one of the best electric vehicle charging pile available in the market. The highest quality material is used in manufacturing that makes the product durable and reliable. Let’s see more features of this level 2 charger and explore its pros as well as cons.


  • Faster charging speed up to 2.5x than conventional car chargers.
  • Compatible with almost most electric vehicles. Work flawlessly with all cars.
  • A compactly designed charger with a 25 ft. long charging cable.
  • A huge LCD screen and LED lights to display the real-time charging status.
  • Safety against lightening, overheat, leakage, overvoltage, and overcurrent.
  • Various plugs are available, such as NEMA 5-15, NEAM 14-50, NEAM 6-50, etc.
  • IP67 J1772 connector for indoor as well as outdoor use.
  • Works in rainy weather too (waterproof).
  • Electrical Specifications: Voltage: 240 Volts; Amperage: 40A

Pros And Cons

  • Fits almost everywhere.
  • Smaller size.
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Portable charger.
  • Digital indicator.
  • Safe and secure.
  • Cost-effective product.
  • NEMA 5-20 plug is not available.

How to Pick the Best Electric Vehicle Charging Pile?

Let’s see how to choose the best electric vehicle charging pile for our electric vehicle. There are plenty of factors that must be taken into consideration before purchasing any EV charger. Here are some factors to consider while buying an EV charger.

The capacity of Inbuilt onboard charger

Considering this factor is the most crucial step. Firstly, verify the input power and wattage of the inbuilt onboard charger. Generally, the power ranges from 3.7 kW to 22 kW. A 3.7 kW EV can be charged at any station at the maximum power of 3.7 kW.

Hence, you need to consider which EV charger suits you the best for your electric car or vehicle. According to that, you can select a charger of specific wattage.

Type of input plug

Check whether our car has a type 1 or type 2 plug. Based on the type of socket, you can choose the best-suited EV charger for your electric vehicle. Type 2 plugs are flexible because they can be used in public areas such as hotels. 

Trusted Company

Always consider the company or manufacturer of the product while purchasing the EV charger. Use the branded charger from a well-established company. It ensures the guarantee or warranty and also provides good customer service.

Furthermore, a reputed company always try to serve the best products to its customer. Hence, you will get the best electric vehicle charging pile for your electric car.

OCPP Controllability

Ensure that the EV charger you are purchasing can be controlled via the OCPP communication protocol. It is because in some areas, the local government or municipality only approves the use of charging stations with OCPP controllability. 

Variety of features

Everyone looks for this factor. Always search for an ideal electric vehicle charger that offers additional features and services. Additional features like digital indicators, long cables, WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity, and services like customer support, etc. must be checked before purchasing an electric vehicle charger.

Remotely Controllable

To control the charger or to increase or decrease the output, an owner needs to go to the charge where it has been installed. So, choose a charger that can be wirelessly controlled using WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity. One such type of electric vehicle charger has been mentioned above.

That is to say, Pulsar Plus can be remotely controlled by your mobile device using an application called myWallbox. So, no need to go near the charger where it has installed.

Space occupied by the charger

Choose an electric vehicle charger that occupies less space and offers relatively the same performance compared to other big-sized electric vehicle chargers. To clarify, choose a small-sized electric vehicle charger with the same or better performance. As a result, it won’t occupy much space in the garage or home and give you some extra space to place your other things.

Installation Process

Always enquire about the installation process before purchasing the electric vehicle charger. If the company is providing a trained electrician for the installation, it can be considered a good option. Likewise, also check if the installation will require drilling into the wall or not. Pick up a charger that can be easily installed without making a hole or drilling the wall. Hence, you can easily carry the charger with you. To clarify, it must be easy to install and portable.

Frequently Asked Questions When Buying The Best Electric Vehicle Charging Pile

Will this work on a 2016 Chevy volt?

Yes, it works flawlessly on the 2016 Chevy volt. It is compatible with the majority of electric cars. Hence, it can be used in almost every electric vehicle.

Does this stop supplying power when the car is fully charged?

Yes. It is a smart charger and communicates with the car to know whether the car needs power or not.

How do you connect two wallbox chargers to one circuit, and each other? Is there a good tutorial for this purpose?

Using the Power Sharing feature, one or more wall box chargers can be connected to one electrical circuit. It will divide the power equally amongst all the connected electric vehicles.

Can it be used outdoors in the weather?

It is watertight. So, it can be used indoors as well as outdoor in any weather. However, the optimum working temperature should be between -22 °F to 104 °F.

Final Thoughts

In the end, choose the best electric vehicle charging pile as per the requirement. Consider different factors mentioned above while purchasing the EV charging station. Also, you can pick any EV charging station mentioned above.

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