The coronavirus outbreak is spreading all over the world and will continue to exist in the coming year. It’s urgent that people need to keep this in mind and protect themselves and their families properly. The simplest and most effective method of protection is to use the best N95 mask.

Important information: Coronavirus can spread through your eyes and ears. Therefore, we recommend wearing masks, wearing gloves and changing regularly, and keeping shoes outside the house. For more updated details, please check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The best n95 mask you can use to battle COVID-19 is the BIO-TH N95 Face Mask. It is usually sold in little packets of 20. This is one of the most protective N95s you can buy from Amazon. Most of the other top medical-grade masks are sold only to medical facilities and governments.

You must choose what N95 brand carefully because fakes are littering everywhere. What you choose may determine the difference between life and death. The most remarkable fact about the BIO-TH N95 is that it is certified in the United States. This is what makes it a proper N95 mask instead of a KN95.

BIO-TH is also known for selling other types of face masks to battle COVID-19. The company has cloth masks and surgical masks alike available on its Amazon page.

Why Should We Even Opt For an N95 Respirator Mask?

All over the world, people have been wearing all sorts of masks to protect themselves from COVID-19. The face wear ranges from bandannas and makeshift cloth masks to surgical masks and respirator masks.

Most other facial masks can only protect you from large droplets as they are not designed to shield you from viruses. People just wear cloth masks because of the potential for rewashing and disinfection for repeated usage. So, the battle has been mostly left between the n95 respirator mask and surgical mask in terms of actual effectiveness.

The N95 is still the better option because it can prevent smaller particles, such as viruses, from getting through.

N95 Face Masks

Best N95 Mask: BIO-TH KN95 Face Mask Review-10TechPro

So, what makes the BIO-TH the best n95 mask? Here are just some features that altogether create this distinction. The BIO-TH N95 is primarily the best N95 mask out there because of the following features:

It has soft, 5-ply material.

If you want the ultimate protection, you should go for an N95 mask with several layers of melt-blown fabric. With more layers, you can be assured that more filtration goes on. The BIO-TH N95 mask can block more particles as they pass from one layer to the next, providing you with more protection from COVID-19, as well as other viruses and gas particles such as smoke.

It is lightweight for easy breathing.

With some masks, you can actually feel the weight of the various layers. This is not the case with the BIO-TH 95 mask. It is the best N95 mask partly because it can provide protection without making you gasp for air every time. Because of this, it does not discourage wearers or does not prompt them to remove the mask from time to time. It can work the whole day long.

It comes with nose wire and soft ear loops.

One complaint some wearers usually give is that the ear loops are digging into their ears. This discomfort is mitigated in the BIO-TH N95 mask because of the soft quality of the material used. The nose wire keeps the cover from sliding up and down. It molds it onto the user’s nose, and thus his face, better. The N95 nose wire makes it a cut above the ones you will find in surgical masks.

It is suitable for all seasons.

You can wear this mask in any type of season and weather. Humidity and other environmental factors will not change its effectiveness. However, it will still be affected by rain like any other mask. So, do not get it wet under the rain. You must replace a visibly damp and/or soiled N95 mask.

Each mask is individually-wrapped.

For better hygiene, each N95 mask is individually-wrapped. This ensures that the other masks will not be affected whenever you have to pull out one to wear for the day. Whatever the case may be, your hands should be clean before you pull out any mask for any brand.

It costs less than the usual medical-grade product.

BIO-TH seems to be marketing itself to the general public with its affordable pricing per piece. You should not have any issues ordering boxes for the whole family.

It can adjust well enough for children.

School-age children should not have problems wearing this product. The narrower fit will suit them well. It will work without the mask loosening up to make way for tiny particles. You can buy it for the whole family.

Inquire at Amazon to know if you are allowed to order in bulk. It is still better for you to order them personally. Some local shops tend to increase the prices, knowing that the product is in demand. This was especially true at the beginning of the lockdowns. However, authorities are now starting to crack down on unreasonable pricing. Whatever the case may be, it is still best to buy it from the best sources such as Amazon.

Pros and Cons

Can it be that the best N95 mask in the market also has some faults that you must consider? Here are some of the notable pros and cons of wearing the product.

  • It is a certified product, being an N95. You know that you can wear it safely without worrying that it is not going to work. It is not just personal reviews that tell you that you can use it to battle the pandemic; it is scientifically proven to block tiny, dangerous particles.
  • It is comfortable to wear. While it is protecting you, it is doing so in an easily breathable manner. So, you will not get tempted to tear it from your face. The material is also soft and does not cause abrasions on your skin, even if used for lengthy periods.
  • It considers hygiene. So, each mask is individually wrapped. You open only what you need. This is overwhelmingly beneficial, compared to other brands that may come in one big plastic in the same box.
  • It creates a protective seal on your face because of its high-quality material and fitting. It wraps around the lower half of your face without gaps that could let particles in.
  • It is reasonably affordable. Each mask is approximately $1.50. It comes in boxes of 20, giving the buyer the option to buy a few or a little more at a time. Other boxes sell at 50 a box. That may save money in the long run, but it does not give you much choice but to push through with the rest of the package even if you end up disliking the product. Most medical-grade N95s cost more than $3 apiece. So, you are getting a good deal with the BIO-TH.
  • N95s are disposable. They can then accumulate in cost, especially for the long-term. They may be okay for short-term needs, where a box should do. However, this is not the case with the recent pandemic.
  • They may initially have a factory odor that some users do not like, but most users can tolerate. Some users have no complaints about it.
  • The design seems more suited to smaller faces only. So, people with narrow faces may give this a plus point for accommodating them. Most other masks can be a little loose.
  • The ear loops may be made of relatively comfortable material, but they will still start digging into your ears after prolonged mask use and adjusting the ear loop must be done carefully, or else it will snap.

Safety Warning and Usage

The effectiveness of this product will depend on how you use it. To enjoy the tiptop benefits of the Bio-th N95.

  • Make sure you don’t get it drenched. So, you must still use an umbrella when outside in the pouring rain. Moreover, take care not to get it wet when you are in the bathroom.
  • Do not use the product if it already looks visibly soiled, even if it has been barely used.
  • Dispose of it after you are done. You cannot use it again another day and expect the same protection. Some people reuse their N95s when they do not have a choice. We have heard of medical professionals reusing their masks because of the lack of supplies. As much as possible, though, you should avoid this.
  • Mold the mask to your nose using its nose wire to make sure it fits your face better. Not doing so will let the mask go hanging with some gaps, allowing air and possibly viruses to quickly get into your nostrils and mouth.

N95 Mask VS KN95 Mask

What is the main difference between the two? Both types can filter 95% of the particles that you may encounter. The only difference between the two is that true N95 masks are certified in the United States. KN95s, on the other hand, are certified in China.

Comparison With Other Brands

If you explore Amazon, you will realize that you cannot even access some of the best N95s out there. They are usually limited to medical facilities, especially the ones located in the United States.

Of course, Amazon recognizes the fact that ordinary people also need high-quality protection. So, they do sell products such as the Bio-TH for everyone else. Its competition online is mostly K95s. These masks are not US-certified, although they may also come with enough protective layering you could ever need to battle this ongoing pandemic. So, you get added assurance with Bio-TH but not really by much. The COVAFLU, for example, comes from a notable UK-based health supplier that has been around since 2007. The only thing that COVAFLU has going against it is that it is technically not an N95. However, it is a certified K95 with several layers of comfortable material, and each mask is also individually wrapped. It is more expensive, though, at $2.60 per count. The price lets you appreciate the BIO-TH better.

If you are looking for the cheapest KN95, you may want to consider the WWDOLL. This brand has its masks selling for $0.40 a count, slightly less expensive than the Bio-TH. However, you can buy these covers in boxes of 50 each.

Again, Amazon may have some potentially competitive options. However, most of them are either non-medical grade or are certified in China alone, as K95s. if you are not too fussy about how the two 95% graded types of masks, you do have several K95s to consider.


Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, all eyes are on the various types of face covers that could spell the difference between life and death. However, giving the general public access to all kinds of masks may limit the ones that frontliners can use. So, sellers such as Amazon prioritize medical facilities, hospitals, and governments when providing their best medical grade masks.

This does not mean that the ones that Amazon has left are no good at all. The e-selling giant has made sure that it still has a variety of N95s and K95s on hand for those who want to use protection in public spaces, including offices. So, N95s such as the BIO-TH has made their way towards non-medical personnel.

If you must choose the best N95 mask, we have to settle for the BIO-TH based on technical reasons. When you are looking for ones, you are indeed looking for.

  • Medical-grade or the next best thing
  • Certified safe and protective
  • Relatively affordable and can be bought in bulk
  • Comfortable and breathable

Though the BIO-TH is nothing fancy and does not look anything much compared to surgical masks, it performs as N95s are expected to do. Do not be deterred by the fact that it is readily available on Amazon. Reviews about its protection are dominantly strong. Complaints may cover a little bit of aesthetics, smell, and the ear loop. However, there is not much that users can say against the effectiveness of the 5 layers that it provides you.

So, go ahead and order yourself a box or two to try out how it suits you. Those with narrower faces may be more suited to buy this product. This low-priced and highly protective product is the best n95 mask you can purchase from Amazon. It is worth the purchase.