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The Complete Guide to PWM Dimming
PWM, as known as pulse width modulation technology, has applications in many ways. In order to improve your comprehensive understanding of PWM dimming, this article will begin with the persistence of human vision and the common stroboscopic in life. Persistence And Stroboscopic of Vision Strobe is a perceptible flickering effect that usually occurs when a phone is shot towards an LED light source. Have you ever seen a stroboscopic image from a phone camera shooting an LED light source, but it’s normal when viewed directly with the naked eye? You can do a simple experiment by turning on your phone’s...
The Router’s Front End Module Knowledge Guide
When purchasing routers, you can often see advertisements from brand routers that say “N high-power FEMs are used, and the signal is super strong”. So what is front end module (FEM)? Is the signal really strong when router comes with front end module? So we’re going to talk about this FEM that replaced “multi-antenna” as the new term for router advertising. What is a front end module? FEM, the abbreviation of Front-End Modules, WiFi-FEM refers to a series of RF front-end circuits used for WiFi communication, such as power amplifier (PA), RF switch, low noise amplifier (LNA) and module with...