With the rapid increase of asthma and allergy cases an air purifier is becoming a necessity in our everyday life. In a polluted city, the air inside your home is also not pure. The situation decreases in you have someone with asthma, or another lung deceases, an allergic prone person in your home. The harmful air is also not good for the small member and old age people of your family. With Bissell air400 air purifier, you can gift some fresh and healthy air to them. So let’s check the Bissell air400 air purifier review.

Bissell is a company that specializes in manufacturing products, such as vacuum cleaners, steam mops, and of course, air purifiers. Their product is known for its excellent quality, and so is this product. When you want to choose an air purifier for smoke, you need to consider its efficiency against the smell of smoke. The Bissell air 400 air purifier is one of the best air purifiers with two-in-one performance, smoke and odor removal. We will discuss and analyze its performance, design, features, specialization, advantages, and disadvantages below. So roll your eyes through this Bissell air400 review and then decide your mind.

Bissell Air400 Air Purifier

Bissell Air400 Air Purifier Review-10TechPro


Filtration: 2 filter set, one is Pre-filter + HEPA, and another one is activated carbon filter
HEPA class: HEPA
Filter life: 6 months for each filter
CADR: 279 cubic meter per hour (smoke) or 160 cfm approximately
Sensor: Particle sensor PM 2.5, ambient light sensor
Coverage: 400 sq ft at 3 air changes per hour
Number of manual fan speed: 3
Automatic mode: Yes
Size: 27.24″H x 18.9″W x 12.20″D
Device weight: 26.46 lbs
Rated power: 75 W
Maximum Noise: 64 dB(A)
Voltage: 110-120 V AC 60 Hz

Pros And Cons

  • Modern exotic premium looks
  • A 3-staged top quality air filtration system includes Pre-filter, High-Efficiency filter, and activated carbon filter
  • Attractive digital air quality display
  • Smart Circulation System monitors air and adjusts settings accordingly
  • Automatic night mode gives you zero disturbance while sleeping
  • Large filter surface area, washable pre-filter, great for larger rooms
  • You will get 2 years long warranty from the manufacturer
  • Lacks of remote or app control
  • On the top fan speed, it becomes a bit noisy and irritating
  • Consumes high power
  • It is a very heavy air purifier

Bissell Air400 Air Purifier Review

Design And Size

Bissell air400 air purifier as a premium look with the premium black color. At the very first sight, you will fall in love with its looks. This premium modern model will fit into any modern household and enhance its class. Bissell air400 air purifier is 27.2 inches in height and 18.9 inches in width which makes it quite a big air purifier. Its weight is 26.5 lbs which are very heavy to shift regularly. Though it looks compact because of its size and the weight you cannot keep it anywhere. You will have to secure a corner of your bedroom or drawing room for this purpose. Bissell air400 Air Purifier has a classy rectangular shape with titanium color which makes it look compact and less space-consuming. The matte black color makes it premium and desirable and gives it an all-metal feel. You can see the air quality display at the front side of the Bissell air 400. You can see the common bottom to top airflow in the air intake system at the sides. On top of the Bissell, air400 air purifier is a simple control panel placed above the air outlet.


Bissell air400 air purifier has a 3-stage filtration process to give you the ultimate quality of purified air. Bissell air400 air purifier can thus expertly remove any harmful particles in the air like dust, mold, pet dander, allergens, bacteria, and viruses. Bissell air400 not only purifies the air but also removes odor from the air and makes the air fresh and breathable.

At the first stage, the Pre-Filter or the first layer of the filter captures the bigger particles in the air. The large size pollutants and particles like dust, pet dander, pet hair, and other solid substances are thus removed by the first filter.

The next layer of filtration is named as activated carbon filter. In this stage, the filtered air from the first stage enters into the activated carbon filter to get rid of any unwanted odor. This filter can also remove any volatile organic compounds like paint fumes. The activated carbon filter is unique in design. This 1-inch thick carbon filter has a special honeycomb design filled with 50,000 carbon pellets. This weights around 465 grams. This can effectively remove gases and VOCs.

To capture the microscopic bacteria and viruses the Bissell air400 air purifier has a HEPA filter. This filter will produce you the ultimate fresh air that is devoid of any harmful decreases causing germs. If you have an asthma patient or allergy-prone skin then you must look for the HEPA filter in your air purifier.

With the help of the 3 stage filtration system, Bissell air400 air purifier can successfully capture and destroy 99.97% harmful air particles. It can filter up to 0.3-micron particles in the air. So with Bissell air400 air purifier, you can get fresh clean air with minimum risk of decease. The pre-filter is washable which means you can clean it with water occasionally to avoid frequent filter replacements. For the HEPA and carbon filter, there are two filter life indicators. Though Bissell suggests you replace the filters after 6 months but you can reduce the need for replacement with proper care.

3 Stage Filtration

The 3-stage air filtration system is sublime. The usual HEPA and pre-filter meets the highest standards. Allergens, like pollen, pet dander, dust, and pollution, are no match for the Bissell. The carbon filter goes beyond expectations. Removing pet odors, wild fire or cigarette smoke, and kitchen odors, is what this air purifier excels at.

System includes a pre-filter, a 1 inch thick activated carbon filter, and a high efficiency filter which captures 99. 7% of microscopic particles on silent mode including dust, pollen, smoke, and pet dander. Great for homes with pets, babies, or young children. Most ideal for those who suffer from seasonal or non-seasonal allergies or those who just want fresh, clean air in their home.

Smart Cirqulate System

Unlike other air purifiers, the Bissell air 400 monitors, reports and responds to indoor air quality, providing reliable and real-time air quality readings. Uses a particle sensor to continuously monitor your indoor air, adjusts the Bissell air400’s speed of air flow accordingly, and provides real time feedback on the front digital display. No more wondering if the air purifier is working.

Powerful Performance And Thoughtful Design

When it comes to design, the Bissell Air400 air purifier can fit seamlessly on any style of your home with its sleekness and clean edges. The Bissell air 400 is equipped with a brushless, digital DC motor for long lasting, powerful performance and pleasing fan speed sound levels.

Activated carbon filter

The air400’s activated carbon filter has a honeycomb-structure with porous carbon pellets to more effectively capture common household odors. Every Bissell air 400 comes with 1 Activated Carbon filter and 1 High Efficiency plus Pre combo filter. The Bissell air400 also has a filter replacement indicator. Recommend that the filters be changed once every 6 months depending on use.

Upkeep and Maintenance

The Bissell air400 air purifier with high-efficiency filter and circulation system will be very easy to maintain because you will need to change the filter frequently. You will need to replace the filter, but spare parts are included with the purchase of the machine, which only requires you to open the back cover and they should be replaced every six months. In addition, there is a sensor on the side of the machine, you need to gently wipe with a cotton swab every two weeks to prevent the accumulation of dust and debris.

CADR Rating

The CADR or clean air delivery rate shows the capacity of the air purifier to purify air per minute. The CADR rating of Bissell air400 air purifier for dust is 307. The CADR rating of Bissell air400 Air Purifier for smoke is 279. And the CADR rating for pollen is 206.  So the CADR score is beyond average and quite excellent. This shows the good quality performance of the Bissell air400 air purifier.

Room Coverage

Bissell air400 air purifier can work finely in medium and even large size rooms. So you can put this powerful air purifier in your big-sized hall room and breathe fresh air all day. You can place it in your kitchen, bedroom, office, garage, basement, or living room and it will do its work with the same persistence.

The Bissell air 400 can filter the air once every hour in 1200 sq. ft. rooms. The Bissell air400 is best suited for bigger rooms from 300 to 400 sq.ft. It is capable of cleaning the air in rooms this large as many as 3 times an hour so those irritating, unhealthy particles will have little time to accumulate. The only issue with this air purifier is that the air intake is on the opposite side to the controls and digital display. This means that you cannot push it up close to a wall but rather must leave some space so it can work effectively.


Bissell air400 air purifier works swiftly and silently. You can feel the fresh air but not any noise with it. Bissell air 400 has a dedicated sleep mode for your perfect uninterrupted sleep. In the sleeping mode, it keeps the high fan power as silent as possible. Its lowest noise decibel is 30 decibels which is just like a whisper into your ears. For a powerful air purifier, such a low decibel sound is quite impressive. The Bissell air400 has 5 different fan speeds. And on the top fan speed, it can cause sound up to 65 decibels. You can put this fan speed for quick air filtration while daytime. But this is not recommended at night while sleeping. Bissell air400 air purifier uses a DC motor that can 20000 hrs of runtime.

Power Consumption

You need to put on your air purifier all day long unless there will be no benefit. In such a case the power consumption rate of an air purifier is a considerable factor. You need to check this criterion in reviews before buying any air purifier. The DC motor of the Bissell air400 air purifier consumes 108 watt which is not that high in respect of a high performing air purifier with high room coverage. If you run Bissell air400 air purifier constantly for 8 hours per day then you will have to pay 39 $ annually for it. Though Bissell air400 air purifier is licensed as an Energy Star air purifier but yet you cannot see Bissell air400 air purifier in Energy Star official listing.

Bissell Air400 Air Purifier Review-10TechPro

Other Key Features

  • Particle sensor – the particle sensor displays the air quality and the PM 2.5 count. The automated system works based on this particle sensor.
  • Automated CirQulate system – it is the iconic smart sensor of Bissell. You can get the air quality reading both in digital and color-coded feedback from it. This will monitor, report, and respond to your indoor air quality. Then it will adjust the right fan speed automatically.
  • Night mode – the night mode feature makes Bissell air 400 truly a new age model. The white lights on the control panel and front display will turn off based on the ambient light condition of the room. The color indicator will also go dim. And you can adjust the mode of operation that means the fan speed manually and make this air purifier sleeping friendly.  
  • Control – Bissell air 400 has 3 modes of operation, max auto, and silent. You can also set the fan speed manually in low, medium, or high. There is a timer where you can set the run time for 1 hour, 4 hours or 8 hours.
  • Washable filters – you can escape regular replacements of filters as the Bissell air 400 has a washable pre-filter. You can just remove and wash it under tap water to make it clean again and again.

FAQs About Bissell Air400 Air Purifier

  1. Q. How often do the filters need to be replaced?
  2. A. Filter life varies based on runtime and existing air conditions. It is recommended to replace both the HEPA + pre-filter and the carbon filter once every six months.
  • Q. Does the Bissell air 400 have a night mode?
  • A. Yes, the Bissell air 400 has an automated night mode feature. When your room gets dark, the white lights on the top and front of the Bissell air 400 turn off and the color wheel dims.
  • Q. What size space does the Bissell air 400 clean?
  • A. The Bissell air 400 can clean up to a 400-sq.-ft room. In a 400 sq.-ft room, the Bissell air400 filters the air three times every hour.
  • Q. What is CADR(cfm) for the air400?
  • A. Smoke 279, Dust 307, Pollen 206
  • Q. how does it do with odor?
  • A. Its excellent with odor. I have cats and dogs and an hour before I go bed I turn my unit on and air is crisp and clean.
  • Q. Does this work for fire smoke?
  • A. The air filter has a 279 CADR rating for smoke. Also, it helps with cooking smells and smoke from the kitchen.

What To Consider When Picking Bissell Air400 Air Purifier

Real HEPA filter

It is important to understand what a HEPA filter is because basically all such products come with it. With something like this, your air purifier will be able to capture about 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. Just imagine what the fresh air you will breathe. We would recommend that you replace this filter every six months or so.


This is an important feature of all air purifiers with HEPA style filters. Usually, the pre-filter catches pet dander and a lot of dust. They can also extend the lifetime of the primary filter used by the device. The good news is that most pre-filters are reusable and washable. If you take care of them, they may last a lifetime.

Activated carbon filterc

If your house often smells of smoke, food, chemicals, etc. You must need to look for equipment equipped with activated carbon filters. This type of filter can absorb gas and odor particles.

ACH / Number of air changes per hour

This ACH number shows you how many times per hour the air in the defined space is changed.

CADR / Clean Air Delivery Rate

It is important to know what CADR is because the ratio actually measures the efficiency of the air purifier. CADR takes into account the size of the room and the amount of clean air produced per minute. CADR is a standard rating developed by the Independent Association of Household Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM), which evaluates the removal rate of pollen, dust and smoke (the three most common indoor air pollutants).

You need to look for an air purifier with higher CADR allergy, because the higher the rating, the better the air purifier.


Some air purifiers will work loudly. Be sure to read the product description and other user reviews to understand how the air purifier works. Imagine if you had to listen to some buzz all day long, what a bad dream it would be.

How to maintain Bissell Air400 Air Purifier

  • Change or clean the filters regularly.
  • Leave sufficient clearance around the purifier to avoid limiting airflow.
  • Close the windows when the air purifier is running to avoid overwhelming it with a constant influx of external pollutants.
  • Whenever possible, consider operating the fan in Eco mode or low speed setting to preserve energy.
  • Vacuum regularly to reduce the amount of airborne particles in your room.

Final Thoughts

Bissell air400 air purifier is a value for money product. This is a pretty good air purifier in its price range. It looks premium and aesthetic in its matte black sleek compact design. It has a powerful fan with 5-speed settings. The sleeping mode is truly an innovation and gives you a excellent sleeping experience. 3-level filtration keeps every dust, decease, and odor away from you. The power consumption is a bit high yet considerable.

So this Bissell air 400 review can be a good reference while picking the best air purifier for your home. Bissell air400 is one of the best to clean both smoke and odor at the same time. The name Bissell kind of speaks for itself. This is a brand that instills confidence and customer reviews reflect this. A wonderful, high-quality product any way you look at it.

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