When it comes to picking a heater for baby room, there are many things to consider. However, when looking for the best heater for baby room, the search can seem like an even bigger task. From the safety features to efficiency, temperature regulation, etc, you need to consider everything to ensure that you have a safe and effective heater for your baby’s room. So what are the top choices when picking the best baby room heater? What are the things to be kept in mind? Based on the below selection, you can save time when choosing the best baby room heater in 2022-2023. And the following review highlights a section on how to choose them.

List of The Best Heater for Baby Room

What To Know When Picking The Best Heater For Baby Room?

When there’s a baby in the house, or when you are shopping for a heater for the baby’s room, a few extra things apart from the usual that need to be considered. Let’s go over each of these and see how to select the one that offers the best of it all.

The Baby’s Age

Depending on the age of the baby, there are a few extra things that you must look at while shopping for the best heater for baby room. For infants under 6 months, getting a heater with a thermostat is a good choice. Babies around that age are not that great at adjusting their body temperature. A thermostat helps regulate and keep the room temperature constant. The room also stays warm for a longer time in case the heater is turned off or there is a power cut.

For babies who have just started crawling or walking, anything that is shiny or bright should be avoided as they are drawn towards it. Avoid red coil heaters. Oil heater, wall-mounted heaters, and radiators are ideal options in this case. These types of heaters are the safest for kids of most ages, and the thermostat also helps to maintain a steady temperature.

How Cold Does It Get?

How cold does it get in the area where you live, and for how many months do the winters last? Is your baby’s home in the colder or warmer part of your home? Does it have any windows or doors that let the cold air come in? All these questions will help you figure out how powerful a heater is needed and how much to invest in it.

Size Of The Room

The larger the baby’s room, the larger or more powerful a heater you need to heat it. Personal space heater or small-sized heaters are for 1-2 people, while a large space heater will warm up the entire room or nursery, but also use more energy in the process. Also consider the space the heater will occupy, and ensure you have a good place to keep it.


Having a timer lets you adjust the time for which you want to run. This along with a thermostat helps to avoid overheating and reduce energy consumption.

Operating Noise

You’ll want to get a noiseless or a low-noise device in the baby’s room. Any loud noises could make it hard for the baby to sleep.

Safety Features

A few safety features apart from the thermostat must be considered when shopping for the best heater for baby room. Auto shut off is a feature by which the heater turns off in case its element overheats. This prevents the heater from catching fire. Heaters with tip-over protection turn off in case the heater falls on the ground. A heater that is ‘cool to touch’ ensures that the outer body stays cool even when the heater is in use. All these features ensure that the heater can be safely used overnight in your baby’s room.

Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to check out our top picks for the best heater for baby room in 2022-2023 below.

1. Vornadobaby Tempa Heater for Baby Room

Best Heater For Baby Room In 2022-2023-10TechPro

The Tempa nursery heater from Vornadobaby comes with 2 different heating and fan settings with an adjustable thermostat. This is a 26 Watt air circulation heater that warms the room by circulating hot air around it. It can move air to around 50 ft. which makes it ideal for a small room or nursery. The design of the heater is such that it does not have any sharp edges or pinch points along with a stable base.

The heater has a child-lock switch to protect toddlers. The heater has auto-shutoff, tip-over protection, and a cool-touch body that adds to safety when using it in the baby’s room. The cord storage keeps the power cord out of children’s view. The heater can be placed anywhere in the room while ensuring quick heating.

While you can set the heat amount on this heater, it lacks a digital thermostat. With all safety features included along with efficient heating, this is among the best heater for baby room in terms of both safety and performance. The heater is also backed by a 5-year warranty known as the ‘Happy Parent Guarantee’ by the manufacturer, thus ensuring that you get the best out of your investment.

Key Features

  • 2 heat and fan settings
  • Vortex air circulation
  • Adjustable thermostat, safety shut off
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • All important safety features included
  • Efficient heating
  • 5-year warranty
  • Not recommended for medium or large rooms
  • Does not have the noise-free operation
  • Lacks digital thermostat

2. Pelonis 1500W Oil Filled Radiator/Heater

Best Heater For Baby Room In 2022-2023-10TechPro

The Pelonis oil filled radiator is a 1500W heater that offers 3 different heating modes, High, Low, and Eco to operate at different powers. This heater along with the 5 different temperature settings let you get just the right warmth and energy efficiency. It uses an oil-filled heating element and not a fan to push out any hot air. This means a near noiseless operation, which makes this ideal for overnight use.

The heater does not take too much space and can be used anywhere in the house. The LED display shows the current temperature setting so that you always know how hot the heater will make the room. It is also easy to move. The cool-touch body adds to the portability and safety of this heater. It has 360-degree steering wheels that allow easier movement. The power cord also has a collection tray on the side to wrap and keep it inside.

Pelonis heater is simple to install, no extra tools are required. It circulates air around the room and heats it through convection. The thermostat feature ensures that there is no overheating. This maintains a constant temperature throughout. This is the best heater for baby room in terms of safety and efficiency. It also has tip-over and overheat protection. You can also use it in any other room in your home. Pelonis backs it by a 1-year manufacturer warranty as well.

Key Features

  • 3 heating mode, 5 temperature settings
  • 360-degree air circulation
  • Safety protection
  • Noiseless operation
  • Thermostat based convection heating
  • Cool-touch for safety
  • The remote control needs improvement
  • Not suitable for large rooms
  • May take some time to heat up initially

3. Dyson AM09 Cool Hot Jet Focus Fan Heater

Best Heater For Baby Room In 2022-2023-10TechPro

The AM09 from Dyson is an all-year heating and cooling fan heater. You can run this in 2 modes- the focused mode gives off a jet of air that provides personal cooling or heating, while the diffused mode provides a powerful airflow that provides long and wide range heat distribution for winter heating. The thermostat in the room monitors the room’s temperature and ensures that no energy is wasted while maintaining a warm temperature.

You can set the temperature from 33 to 99 degrees with precision. It has a sleep timer along with oscillation control to give you just the right heat setting. The patented Air Multiplier technology from Dyson provides powerful uninterrupted airflow. The cool fan heater provides sufficient cooling even during warmer weather.

The AM09 is also over 75% quieter as compared to its predecessor, making it suitable for overnight use. There are no blades in its fan, and it has a cool-touch body that adds to the safety of the heater. Tip-off protection is there as well, so you can rest assured about your baby’s safety while using this heater. Dyson also backs this heater with a 2-year limited warranty.

Key Features

  • Year-round use with hot and cool modes
  • Air multiplier technology for all-room circulation
  • All major safety features included
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • No visible blades
  • All-year use has hot and cool modes
  • Multiple running modes for personal heating or for heating the room
  • Not for very large rooms
  • Expensive compared to other heaters
  • Only the 2-year warranty provided

4. Honeywell HZ-7300 Deluxe Energy Smart Cool Touch Heater

Best Heater For Baby Room In 2022-2023-10TechPro

The HZ-7300 from Honeywell is an energy smart heater that provides wide-area heating while ensuring that energy consumption is optimized. This heater uses fan-forced circulation of heat for personal heating. The base is designed to be extra sturdy that provides better overall stability. The energy usage indicator lets you know how much electricity is the heater consuming at the moment.

The heater has 2 different heat modes and a thermostat that can be programmed for ensuring the ideal heat level. The controls are easy to use while the display lets you know the current setting levels. In terms of safety, it has a tip-over switch so that the heater switches off if tipped over. Overheat protection is also there. The Cool Touch housing keeps the outer body of the heater cool even when it is in use.

This is a portable space heater that is ideal for small rooms and personal heating. The thermostat shuts off once the room temperature reaches the desired setting, and switches back on if the temperature falls under it. This 1500W heater is ideal for use in a baby room. Honeywell also backs the heater with a 3-year limited warranty.  

Key Features

  • 2 heat settings with a programmable thermostat
  • EnergySmart technology for power consumption
  • Wide area heating
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Energy-efficient usage
  • Programmable thermostat for temperature regulation
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty
  • Noise levels are high for overnight use
  • Only 2 heating modes
  • Not recommended for larger rooms

5. De’Longhi TRRS0715E Oil Filled Space Heater Radiator

Best Heater For Baby Room In 2022-2023-10TechPro

The TRRS0715E from De’Longhi is among the most powerful heaters in this range. 1500 Watts of power makes this the best heater for the baby room and for heating large areas. Its oil reservoir is permanently sealed removing the need for any refills. The thermostat is adjustable and there are multiple heating levels. The ECO function allows you to save energy while ensuring optimum heating.

The snap-on wheels fit easily without requiring any assembly. This makes the heater portable. The thermal slots on this heater with De’Longhi’s patented design provide optimal heat flow while ensuring that the surface temperature is low. The heater is capable of providing near-instant personal heating while ensuring quick warmth for larger rooms. The heater comes with various safety features too, including automatic cutoff and anti-freeze pipes.

This heater is ideal for use even in the coldest weather. You can also use the timer to turn off the heater after a specific duration. De’Longhi backs this heater with a 1-year limited warranty.

Key Features

  • 1500 Watt heating power
  • Multiple heating modes with ECO for saving energy
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Powerful and energy-efficient heater
  • Digital controls and thermostat
  • Anti-freeze pipes for extreme weathers
  • No anti-tip over protection
  • Does not have a noiseless operation
  • Takes up more space, not suitable for small rooms

FAQs When Picking The Best Heater For Baby Room

How does the thermostat of baby room heater work? I obviously don’t want to run heat all night long in baby’s room, it would get too hot.

If the baby room heater comes with a digital thermostat, you can set the heat to run at fixed temperature. If the baby room heater doesn’t have a digital thermostat then you can set the heat amount.

Can the heater for baby room work with a different voltage?

The baby room heater offered in the U.S. generally are designed for a 120 volt / 60 hertz power system. If you use them with a voltage converter to change your 240 volts to 120, the converter will not convert your 50 hertz to 60 and the motor will run slower and hotter than it should. This will cause premature failure of the motor and this is normally not covered by the warranty of manufacturer.

How many hours can baby room heater run continuously?

As long as you want. The heater will run until you manually turn it off. You can leave it on overnight for 11+ hours, or you can only use it for 3 hours at a time. You can set the heater on continuously running fan and the baby room heater will cycle on and off depending on the temperature setting you have it on. The heater turns off when it hits the right temp and turns on when baby room gets too cold. Try to get a baby room heater with thermostat, the heater will cycle on and off depending on the temperature setting.

Final Thoughts

Thus, with this review, now you know what the top choices for the best heater for baby room of 2022-2023 are and what to look for while you are picking one. Maintaining the right room temperature is important for your baby’s comfort and overall health, and these room heaters help you do just that. Do your research and consider all important factors before you pick the ideal heater for your baby’s room. This will ensure that you get what is best for your baby in the form of a safe and efficient heater.

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