Do you want to get a humidifier designed right does not come with a filter that needs to be washed, maintained, and eventually replaced? This review of the best filterless humidifier can provide you right choice that has the convenience of not having to wash filters while still keeping things clean. The best no filter humidifier also operates quietly and works best in small room settings.

What Is A Filterless Humidifier?

First off, a humidifier of any kind is a machine that releases moisture into the air to ease up the dryness. Some people may simply say that it emits humidity into any room.

Second, humidifiers usually come with filters. However, some units no longer depend on one.

So, a filterless humidifier emits mist that does not contain airborne allergies. Manufacturers add a de-mineralized cartridge that does the job of capturing possible allergies and particles in the water. This way, it still matches the capability of a filtered humidifier.

List of The Best Filterless Humidifier

What To Consider When Picking The Best Filterless Humidifier?

Mist type

  • Check whether the unit releases cool or warm mist. The former mainly diffuses room temperature air. The latter can create a warming effect, however.
  • Warm mist humidifiers can help kill bacteria as an added bonus.


  • You must check for the water capacity of your humidifier. You may need enough to last you the night, for example. Typical filterless humidifiers have capacities ranging from half a gallon to two gallons.
  • The capacity can decide the runtime that you can enjoy without having to refill the water tank.

Coverage area

Humidifiers are often advertised for small, medium, and big rooms. There will likely be no actual measurements. However, a small coverage humidifier should be able to handle your bedroom or a small office.

Remote control

Remote control will undoubtedly make life a lot more convenient. Having on your bedside table can prove to be very helpful.

Auto shut off

This safety feature turns the unit off automatically when the water gets too low.

Weight and dimensions

Knowing the dimensions and weight of the humidifier will help you see if it can fit into your target room. The weight can also affect portability. You want a humidifier that you can carry to another room even after filling it with water up to capacity.


Of course, you want to make sure that your investment is also protected. You should always look for a warranty no matter what the product is.

Here are some of the best no filter humidifiers that you can find in the market.

1. LEVOIT LV600HH Ultrasonic Air Humidifier for Home

What Is The Best Filterless Humidifier?-10TechPro

If you are planning on misting a large room, you may opt for the LV600HH. It is a warm mist filterless humidifier, which can carry up to 1.5 gallons of water. The mist can be set at either cool or warm. This allows it to cover up to 753 square feet over 36 hours. You may use it together with your favorite essential oils, and it is backed with a one-year warranty.

Sounds good, right? It also has some extra features, such as a cleaning brush, remote control, and three aroma pads. It costs slightly higher than other models because it offers some modern features, such as an LCD screen. It can also raise humidity levels quickly, even up to 25% faster than other top models. Not only that, but it is also easy to use, thanks to its touch control panels.

Pros And Cons

  • Easy to use
  • Dispenses essential oils quickly
  • Can cover large rooms
  • Adjustable mist intensity
  • LCD touch screen control
  • Long runtime
  • Remote control
  • Temperature changes cause cracks
  • Less than responsive customer service

2. Vicks Mini Filter Free Cool Mist Humidifier

What Is The Best Filterless Humidifier?-10TechPro

If you want the best filterless humidifier, consider this Vicks product. It only delivers cool mist and has a tank capacity of 0.5 gallons. So, it is more appropriate for smaller rooms to spritz out humidity up to 20 hours without changing water. The compact body build makes it suitable for smaller areas. The transparent tank makes it easy for you to know when to clean it up. It also comes with an impressive 3-year limited warranty. However, it does not support the use of essential oils.

The Vicks filterless humidifier also comes with exciting features, such as its humidity control and its numerous health benefits. Vicks is, after all, associated with nasal sprays and cold rubs that help soothe you when you have a cold or the flu. You can add Vicks VapoPads to infuse the air with scents of lavender, menthol, or eucalyptus. This filterless humidifier has been specifically designed to provide you with relief through nasal congestion or a cough.

Pros And Cons

  • Comes with several health benefits
  • Soothes respiratory symptoms
  • Transparent tank
  • Easy to clean
  • Extended warranty
  • Can only spritz small rooms

3. TrueMist Top Fill Cool Mist Humidifier

What Is The Best Filterless Humidifier?-10TechPro

This TrueMist unit is another small-room filterless humidifier. Aside from the fact it does not have messy filters for you to deal with, it also looks sleek and attractive. It fits right into a modern home.

The design also goes further into practical territory. It has a detachable design that makes it easy to clean. Its simplicity makes it easy to figure out and use. When you detach the tank, you can easily refill it with water using a container. The mist distribution and direction can be controlled by you, or it can be handled by the unit’s water level sensor. This means that the unit turns off when the water gets too low.

Pros And Cons

  • Modern, practical design
  • Easy to clean
  • Detachable tank and base
  • Comes with a water level sensor
  • Adjustable mist distribution and direction
  • LED light for better sleep (in 7 colors)
  • 5-liter water capacity
  • Suitable for small rooms only

4. Rosewill Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier – Best Bedroom Filter Free Unit 

What Is The Best Filterless Humidifier?-10TechPro

This Rosewill unit is another filterless humidifier that comes in a simple, practical design. It is compact that you can even put it on a tabletop.

Because this unit can keep the humidity level at the correct levels, it keeps your respiratory passages hydrated. So, you can be sure it is right for your health. This humidifier also operates with little noise, so it will not be disturbing you.

The 360-degree dual nozzle makes it possible to let the mist circulate in all directions, filling every inch of your room. With its 5-liter tank, you can be assured that you can use the humidifier throughout the night. The water tank automatic shut off also ensures your safety. The LED night light makes it easy for you to make adjustments at night without turning the light on.

Pros And Cons

  • 360-degree rotating mist nozzle
  • Handle for portability and quick refilling
  • Quiet operation
  • Recommended for small rooms, including nurseries
  • Safe to use
  • Provides you with peace of mind at night
  • Cannot humidify more than 250 square feet of space

5. URPOWER 5L Large Capacity Ultrasonic Filterless Humidifier

What Is The Best Filterless Humidifier?-10TechPro

If you prefer a powerful no filter humidifier, then you can choose this URPOWER unit. It can provide enough mist to humidify a large room. It comes with safety features, such as automatic shutoff when the water level is too low for operation. The URPOWER humidifier also comes with another safety feature that prevents it from shortcircuiting or overheating. You should have no problems dealing with this humidifier as it is user-friendly. It has a simple, modern, and practical design that lets you operate it with a push of a button.

So, what can you ask for? This filterless humidifier can provide cooling mist all over a large room. It is also very easy to use that you don’t need to reach its brochure.

Pros And Cons

  • Equipped with large tank for large room humidification
  • Automatic shutoff when water level is low
  • Quiet operation
  • Practical and modern design
  • Three mist settings are provided
  • Sleep mode available
  • One button operation
  • Instances of the unit dying suddenly
  • Poor customer service

How To Pick The Best Filterless Humidifier?

Well, you can say that the above certainly provides you with excellent options. Unfortunately, not all of these units will work for you. Some are, for example, only suitable for small rooms. So, if you are looking for a humidifier that can help you mist a large conference room, then you have to pick the large capacity ones.

Each of the models above has at least one or two cons. However, there may be a chance that they may not affect you. For example, customer service may not matter to you if you don’t have any concerns that you must speak to someone about. Moreover, small room capacity may not be a problem if you need the unit for humidifying a small room.

How To Take Care Of Your Humidifier?

No matter how high the quality of your humidifier, you still need to take care of it. The upkeep contributes to its long life. Humidifiers can be prone to mold and mildew. If you don’t clean them properly, they will be providing you with the opposite of what you need from it – health and comfort.

So, what should you do?

You must regularly brush your humidifier clean. The brush will help you access some of the hard to reach places. Use warm water when rinsing to battle against bacteria more effectively. Cleaning the humidifier will help it avoid developing mold and mildew.

It is easier to clean filterless humidifiers. You do not have to take out and wash filters every time. You don’t even have to worry about replacing the filters once they get too old or worn out.

Give your unit a quick rinse daily, but you need to wash it thoroughly every week. Washing alone may not work. Since you do not have a filter, you must ensure every nook and cranny has not been collecting all kinds of grime that could be harmful to your respiratory system.

Add a teaspoon of bleach to a gallon of water to make your disinfecting mixture. Give the water inside a swirl to thoroughly bathe the whole tank. You may even consider using uncooked rice grains to absorb leftover water.

What About Other Humidifier Guidelines?

  • Do not let your humidifier empty often. This can damage your unit and shorten its life. This means that while there may be an automatic shutdown feature, do not rely on it alone.
  • Pick the right model for your room. This way, you will not wonder why you are not getting the effective operation you expect from the machine.

FAQs When Picking The Best filterless humidifier

1. How noisy are filterless humidifiers?

Filterless humidifiers do not come with a fan. So, all the models that you see listed above operate at reduced noise.

2. What health issues can it reduce?

Humidifiers prevent the air from getting too dry. It helps your respiratory system become and stay healthier.

3. What is that residue that looks like white dust?

Because you are dealing with a filterless humidifier, you will sometimes find a white dust residue. Don’t worry: you can easily wipe it like how you wipe regular dust.

4. What can you do to support its filterless setup?

To ensure that your filterless setup works well for you, use filtered water. This way, you will use water that has already been cleaned before being poured into your humidifier.

Conclusion – What Is The Best Filterless Humidifier?

The best filterless humidifier can boost your respiratory health. It should be able to humidify the whole room. If you prefer one that comes with essential oils to diffuse soothing smells into your room, then pick a unit that allows you to do this. Imagine the Vicks unit, which enables you to reap the benefits of Vicks cold chest rubs and the pros of a filterless humidifier at the same time.

If you mainly use your humidifiers at night, you can be thankful for those with safety features and large capacities. The Rosewill night light can add to your night comfort, as well. Of course, no matter which no filter humidifier you pick, you must make sure that you will regularly clean and disinfect it.

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