Winters can be hard, but it gets even tougher when you have to start your day by walking into a cold bathroom in the morning. If you’ve finally decided to do something about that, then getting the best bathroom heater is what you need. With a heater for your bathroom, you can ensure that your bathroom is always at the right temperature for taking the perfect bath any time in the day. But what should you look at while searching for the best bathroom heater in 2023? Which are the top bathroom heaters that you must consider? These are exactly the questions that we will try to answer as we go ahead.

List of The Best Bathroom Heater

How To Pick The Best Bathroom Heater

1. Type of Heater Based on Size

The first thing is to check the type of heater you need for your bathroom depending on the size and functionality. A portable heater is the simplest one- it’s easy to use, small-sized, and can be easily placed in any room or washroom. A wall-mounted bathroom heater on the other hand is the field on the wall or the ceiling. In case you’re in the middle of constructing or renovating your home, these types of heaters are the best choice.

You will have limited space and wall area in a bathroom, so you’ll want to ensure that you get a heater that does not take too much space.

2. Power Output

The power output of the heater defines how fast and how much it will heat the bathroom, and also affect the electricity that it consumes. Heaters range between 400 and 2000 Watts, with 1500-2000W being the most common ones. Generally, a smaller heater is ideal for bathrooms, especially since you’ll want to ensure maximum distance between flowing water and the heater.

3. Functions and Features

The first important function that the best bathroom heater must-have is a thermostat. It optimizes the appliance’s energy consumption and allows maintaining a constant temperature. A thermostat also allows for safer use. The heater must also have different heating modes and power inputs, you won’t always need to crank it up to 2000W, so having less powerful modes also helps.

A heater with an on/off timer is useful in bathrooms. You can also find a heater that can be programmed to start at a specific time, a big perk in having your bathroom at just the right temperature for early mornings.

4. Installation and Ease of Use

Unless you are in the middle of a renovation for your home or construction, you will want to avoid getting a heater that has you digging into bathroom walls. At the same time, get a heater with minimal assembly required for a hassle-free experience. It should also be easy to use, you don’t want too many controls or spending too much time trying to get it to the right combination of settings.

5. Warranty and After Sales Service

The best bathroom heater can last for quite a few years. However, getting one that has a 1-3 year manufacturer warranty helps you to be sure of that. Also, check the manufacturer’s after-sales service. Where is the nearest service center? What all is covered under the warranty? All of these are important considerations.

This ultimate review covers everything you need to know as you pick for the best bathroom heater in 2023. Now that you know what’s important, let’s go see what the best heaters for bathroom in the market are and what they offer.

1. Broan 120VAC 750/1500Watt NuTone Wall Heater

What Is The Best Bathroom Heater In 2023?-10TechPro


  • Run at 120 or 240V AC, 750 or 1500W
  • Wall-mounted heater with grille and downflow louvers
  • Thermostat included
  • 1-year limited warranty

This wall heater from Broan can be operated at 120 or 240V AC and has 2 operating modes- at 750W and 1500W. It has a stainless steel housing and a heating element made of an alloy of nickel-chrome. The heater has a thermostat based automatic shut off as well, allowing you to set the heater to be turned off when the bathroom reaches a specific temperature level.

Out of the box, it is wired for 120VAC and 1000W, but you can easily convert it as well. This Broan wall heater can also be surface mounted but you will require an additional Model 84 surface-mount kit for that. It uses a blower wheel that has high efficiency for quick heating. This Broan heater is ideal for covering an area of 100-150 feet. It has multiple heat settings so that you can get exactly the right amount of heat in your bathroom.

The motor is permanently lubricated that allows it to be used without any additional maintenance for many years. The heater also has thermal overload protection for additional safety. It comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty as well.

  • Wall mounted, saves floor space
  • Does not take too much area in the bathroom
  • Can run on 120V or 240VAC
  • Not suitable for large rooms
  • Only 1-year warranty

2. Stiebel 236305 CK Wall Mounted Heater

What Is The Best Bathroom Heater In 2023?-10TechPro


  • 2000Watt heater with thermostat
  • Even heating with downdraft design
  • Frost protection in extreme weathers
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty

This wall-mount heater from Stiebel comes with a European design with a surface-mount. It has a quiet operation with just 49dB of noise. This heater has a thermostat built-in that ensures the room temperature is maintained with accuracy. It has been designed to provide quick heating so that you can ready the bathroom for your morning bath within minutes. It pulls in air from the top and the bottom gives out hot air. It’s design and down-draft working provide even heating.

This Stiebel heater has a booster timer, which when activated, gives off maximum heat for up to 1 hour. After the timer completes, the heater goes back to the original thermostat setting. This provides fast heating while maintaining the room’s temperature as per the setting. The heater has frost protection to avoid any freezing during winters. Putting the switch in off position disables this setting, so you’ll want to keep the switch ‘on’ to prevent frost formation.

The heater must be mounted vertically. In a room with an area over 215 sq. ft., you can also control the heater using the central thermostat. You also get a 3-year manufacturer warranty along with this Stiebel heater.

  • Low-noise operation
  • Anti-frost feature
  • 3-year warranty
  • No energy-saving mode
  • Lacks remote control

3. Lasko CD08200 Ceramic Portable Space Heater

What Is The Best Bathroom Heater In 2023?-10TechPro


  • Portable heater with fast heating
  • A 1500-Watt ceramic heating element
  • 3 heat settings with thermostat and 1-hour timer
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty

If your bathroom is small or medium-sized and you want to avoid the hassle of installation that requires any work, then you can go for the CD08200 portable space heater from Lasko. This is a small yet highly powerful space heater that is made to be used in home bathrooms. The heater is powered by a 1500Watt ceramic heating element. This heater has a ‘Simple Heat’ button that provides up to 60 minutes of high heat for quickly heating the room.

The ceramic heating element with fan-powered delivery provides even heat distribution. There are 2 more heating options apart from the Simple Heat button. The heating element is self-regulating to provide for increased safety. In addition to that, the heater also has cool-touch housing along with protection from overheating. The ALCI safety plugin this heater ensures that power is shut off in case there is any short-circuit, thus protecting you from any hazards.

Apart from bathrooms, this 6 in x 6 in heater with just 8 in height can be used anywhere else in the home. No assembly is needed with this heater, and you can use it out of the box. It is backed by a 3-year limited manufacturer warranty.

  • Portable yet highly powerful
  • Multiple safety features for bathroom use
  • 3-year warranty by the manufacturer
  • Does not have any timer apart from the Simple-Heat 1 hour timer
  • No air filter in this heater

4. Broan Bath Fan with Heater and Light

What Is The Best Bathroom Heater In 2023?-10TechPro


  • Directionally adjusted bath fan and heater
  • 1500W heating element with a 100-Watt bulb
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty

This 100HL Broan Bath Fan and Heater comes with a 100-watt light as well, providing both light and heat to your bathroom. The fan used in this heater is directionally adjustable as well. It provides near-silent operation making it ideal for use at any time. It uses a 1500-Watt heating element along with a metal blower wheel that provides even and fast heating in the entire room. There is a 4-inch ducting with the fan for air circulation.

You will need to install this heater with a 20 Ampere circuit. Installation is designed to be simple and easy for DIYers as well, with all required accessories included in the box. This heater is ideal for bathrooms that are up to 90 sq.ft. in area. It only needs 2 in. x 6 in. area for installation. The hanger system is included and it can be adjusted for installing it as required.

You can adjust the fan complete 360 degrees to focus the heat where it is required. It is designed for spot heating and does not waste any energy/heat while doing so. The white grills and its design allow it to fit within any decor. It is backed by a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty as well.

  • Does not have any operating sound
  • Efficient for spot heating in any direction
  • Installation is easy and hassle-free
  • Lacks an eco/energy-saving mode
  • Does not have a timer

5. Air Choice 1500W Space Heater Wall Mount and Standing Base

What Is The Best Bathroom Heater In 2023?-10TechPro


  • 1500 watt heating element
  • Can be wall-mounted or used as a standing heater
  • Multiple heating modes
  • 1-year limited warranty

Last in our top choices for the best bathroom heater is this 1500-watt space heater from Air Choice. This heater gives you the flexibility to either use it as a wall-mounted heater or as a standing model. It is ideal for rooms up to 160 square feet in area. It is easy to install regardless of how you want to use it. This electric heater uses a quartz tube with a turbofan to provide even and fast heating.

To provide an energy-efficient operation, it has energy-saving modes as well. This along with its thermostat and timer allows you to get just the right amount of heat without wasting any electricity. You can also adjust the timer to start at a particular time. It has 2 different heating modes apart from the energy-saving mode. The LED screen lets you know what the current heating mode is. It also has a remote control for adjusting any of the settings. Automatic power-off shuts off the heater in case you forget to turn it off at night.

The heater has multiple features to ensure safety too. It’s on/off switch is waterproof, designed for bathroom use in mind. It also has a child lock for its controls. The standing base provides steady support but ensures that you can still move it as required. Overheat protection is also included to protect from any hazards in case the heater’s components overheat. The heater is backed by a 1-year limited warranty as well.

  • Wall mount or floor-standing installation
  • Overheat protection and auto-shutoff
  • Thermostat with on/off timer
  • Price tag higher than other heaters
  • Only 1-year warranty

Frequently Asked Questions When Picking The Best Bathroom Heater

1. Is the bathroom heater battery operated?

No, it needs to be plugged in to an electrical outlet. You won’t find a battery operated heater that works well. Even a small heater like the bathroom heater uses 750 watts which if we’re taken through a battery would need a huge amount of current. You would need something to the effect of deep cell battery, it need to be AC power not battery. If you need a backup emergency heater or one for tent camping then I’d recommend a mini-propane heater.

2. Is bathroom heater definitely safe to run while the shower is running?

If you have the heater away from the water, like on a shelf outside of the shower area, yes, it is safe. Always, when using anything in the bathroom be sure it’s plugged into a receptacle protected by a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) device (or GFCI circuit breaker). The national Electrical Code requires it, if you don’t have GFCI – get it! Without GFCI this “Bathroom” label means nothing. Using a GFCI protected device makes it safe to use in the bathroom.

And obviously the bathroom heater can’t be used in the shower stall or too close to it but if you have a modest size bathroom you can find floor or counter space to use it.Other obvious precautions, use in ground fault plug. Don’t operate with wet hands, just don’t get it wet or let it sit in water on the floor.

3. Can I use the bathroom heater in a motorhome?

Absolutely! You can use it in your motor home as well as long as you have a plug, it will work anywhere there is an electrical outlet. Most of bathroom heaters are very efficient and quiet. No fumes, they are small but puts out the heat, while working in a running motorhome, the bathroom heater maybe vibrate itself off tables, counters, etc., but just makes sure to keep it in place.

4. Can the bathroom wall heater be mounted in a shower?

If it specifically states according to the instruction that it is NOT ALLOWED over a shower or bath directly, you can just find another location in your bathroom for it. But if the wall heater comes with exhaust fan, it can be mounted in a bathroom with a shower. The exhaust fan helps to take away excess moisture from things such as the shower/steam to help prevent excess moisture. As long as it is mounted in the ceiling of the shower, there is no problem other than will it develop condensation in the unit if it directly over the shower. Steam or heated water vapor rises.

5. Is the bathroom heater product can be return for any reason?

All bathroom heaters have a limited manufacturer’s warranty be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of three years from the date of original purchase. If you want to return the whole unit back to Amazon, you must follow their return guide lines. If you need assistance, please contact the manufacturer customer service.

Final Thoughts

With this review, you now know what the best bathroom heater must have, and what the top ones in the market have to offer. Our in-depth review of these heaters will help you narrow your search for the best bathroom heater in 2023 and get one that is the best investment for your home and also utilizes energy efficiency while providing a comfortably heated bathroom. Take your time and consider all these features before you choose so that you get exactly what you need in the form of the best bathroom heater.

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